7 Funds That Investors Should Avoid

Investment is an essential one for all the people because it will be more helpful for lead a peaceful life. It is not a simple thing to multiply money in a short time because it will take more time. But some investments brainwashes the investors to choose the wrong by providing unbelievable returns. That is the main reason for most of the people are attracted by the fake investment. Check out five mistakes every mutual funds that investors should avoid.


  1. Binary option 

This was developed by online gaming companies and this kind of investment is very easy at the same time high risk one. Every year most of the investors are getting loss by choosing this and there is a very low chance of getting returns from it. You can alert someone who tries to choose this kind of investment and try to explain the danger behind it. Once you understand the risk behind it surely you will avoid it. So the binary options surely lead to danger.

  1. Collectibles

This is the process of collecting antique items like cars, bikes, wine, stamps, etc. this type of investment will never give high returns at any time because you have to sell it for the buyer’s fixed-rate and surely this will give lose for your investment. Otherwise, you will not sell it at any time. There is a rare chance for getting high returns from this investment but it will take more time to find the right buyers. This is the next highly risked investment than the binary option. So try to keep away from it and this is the unstable one.

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  1. Alternative Investment                  

It is the process of choosing no secured funds for their high return norms. Every year multiple people are suffered by these funds and surely this will leads to danger. Still, it getting bad reviews in the entire social network and most of the people are started to giving the awareness about the known secured investment. This is highly preferred and at the same time, more risk is also behind on it. This kind of investment will never provide the authorized papers to the clients at any time.

  1. Digital Currencies 

Most people are thinking that it is very safe to invest in cryptocurrencies but it is not a stable one. There is a lot of chance for some misusing your investment in cryptocurrencies. Most people are seeing the value of bitcoins but most people are not realizing the risk behind it. Every day the user of the bitcoins is increased and most of them don’t know how to handle it safely. If someone misusing your money you will never track them at any time.

  1. Tax shelter

It is the process of hiding your additional income from the government and it was simply called black money. Every government’s responsibility to maintain the nation’s growth so that the government decided a certain amount for the tax from your income. One you found this kind of crime you will never get back anything at any time. Most of the people buying lands on this money for their trusted one and they will get back it where ever the investor needs it. If you are founding this kind of investment surely you will be sentenced to this crime.

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  1. Commodity futures

This is the process of investing in goods and some other products which will have a short time expiry. If you can’t able to see your commodities at the right time surely you will get a great loss. This one of the easiest investments but the risk is very high then you expect. Most of the experienced investors are advising to keep away from this kind of investment. It is better to invest in it with a very low budget because there is a low chance to recover your investment from it.

  1. Penny stocks

This is the top and highly risky one because at any cause you will never get your investment from it. Most of the people are thinking that splitting investment into very tiny amount will surely keep them away from danger. But this process is a full waste of time and money. It is very hard to maintain this kind of investment and that is the main reason most people are getting a loss on it. There is no chance of getting returns from this investment and please don’t waste your harder money for it. It is one of the Funds That Investors Should Avoid


These all are 7 Funds That Investors Should Avoid. Money is an essential thing to lead a sophisticated life but it is very hard to earn it. If you are trying to earn money shortly surely it will be the unstable one. If you are earning anything in your hard work surely you will know the value of it. So try to choose the authorized investment and keep away from the danger.                                             

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