Alphabet Inc (GOOG) share price prediction 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030: Can Google reach 500 USD?

Alphabet Inc. is an American MNC operating worldwide from its HQ in Mountain View, California. It was formed by a corporate restructuring of Google in 2015 and was named the root company of Google and several of its branch. As of December 2020, Alphabet is ranked No. 4 in the Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. Its two largest subsidiaries are Google and Calico. The company is known for its collection of companies, which operate under a variety of names and serve a wide variety of markets.

Google Share Price Prediction 2023 to 2030

Google Stock Price History

Alphabet Inc. was founded in 2015 but the stock by the name of Google went public on the NASDAQ in April 2004. Since then, the company’s stock has seen steady growth. Alphabet Inc.’s stock has increased from around $50 per share in April 2004 to nearly $148 per share in October 2021. The company’s stock has outperformed the S&P 500, increasing more than 30 times in value over the last 16 years. Alphabet’s stock has also seen some volatility over the years, with its share price dropping significantly during the 2008 financial crisis after 2021.

Google in recent news

  • Google announces new privacy features for Android for their users [31-Jan-2023].
  • Google announces plans to build a new campus in San Jose [31-Jan-2023].
  • Google announces partnerships with several universities to advance AI research.[31-Jan-2023].

How to buy Alphabet Shares [Online / Offline]?

Alphabet Inc. shares can be purchased through most major stockbrokers in the United States. Investors can buy Alphabet shares directly from the company, or through a brokerage account. To buy shares directly from Alphabet, investors must open an account with the company’s Transfer Agent and Dividend Reinvestment Plan. To purchase Alphabet shares through a brokerage account, investors should contact their broker to open an account and place an order. Once the order is placed, the broker will execute the purchase on the investor’s behalf. Some of the online platforms are:

Robinhood Click here
TD Ameritrade Click here
Charles Schwab Click here

Alphabet Inc. Share Price Prediction 2023-2030

Alphabet Share Price Target 2023 is $124.01

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
February 2023 $105.63 $90.10
March 2023 $110.32 $96.33
April 2023 $107.26 $97.66
May 2023 $63.55 $48.88
June 2023 $76.26 $58.66
July 2023 $91.51 $70.39
August 2023 $100.66 $77.43
September 2023 $105.69 $81.30
October 2023 $100.66 $77.43
November 2023 $110.72 $85.17
December 2023 $124.01 $95.39

Google is one of the biggest companies which seems to be omnipresent. Hence the share price of the company will rise in the future and could reach $124.01 by the end of 2023.

Alphabet Share Price Target 2024 is $173.62

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 $130.54 $100.41
February 2024 $146.67 $122.23
March 2024 $154.39 $125.52
April 2024 $140.36 $107.97
May 2024 $116.96 $89.97
June 2024 $140.36 $107.97
July 2024 $119.30 $92.48
August 2024 $131.23 $104.15
September 2024 $137.80 $106.00
October 2024 $162.11 $124.70
November 2024 $170.22 $130.94
December 2024 $173.62 $133.56

The per-share price of Alphabet could reach $173.62 by 2024.

Alphabet Share Price Target 2025 is $210.61

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $177.09 $136.23
February 2025 $186.42 $143.40
March 2025 $195.74 $150.57
April 2025 $174.76 $134.43
May 2025 $158.88 $122.21
June 2025 $174.76 $134.43
July 2025 $166.44 $128.03
August 2025 $173.38 $133.37
September 2025 $182.05 $140.04
October 2025 $192.97 $148.44
November 2025 $206.48 $158.83
December 2025 $210.61 $162.00

By the mid of this decade, the share price of Alphabet may rise to $210.61.

Alphabet Share Price Target 2026-2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 $147.42 $103.20
2027 $125.31 $87.72
2028 $225.56 $157.89
2029 $463.33 $324.33
2030 $515.98 $361.19

With some ups and downs, which is pretty natural in the stock market, the share price of Alphabet Inc. could reach $515.98 by the end of 2030.


Will Google’s share price grow in 2025?

Yes, the share price of Alphabet Inc.(Google) would definitely grow in 2023 and ahead.

Can Alphabet Inc. touch 500 USD?

Yes, as per our calculations, the share price of Alphabet Inc. could cross 500 USD if it grows gradually.

What is the market capitalization of Alphabet Inc stocks?

As on  1 February 2023, the market cap of Alphabet Inc(GOOG) is 1.29 Trillion USD.

Does Google pay a dividend?

No, Alphabet Inc (GOOG) does not pay a dividend. Because it invests its Money as much as possible for further growth.

Is Google a Good long term Investment?

Yes, Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Is a good option for long-term investments. Because It Continuously innovates and develops new technology that makes it a Safe Investment for the future.

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The future of Alphabet Inc. is uncertain, and investors should be aware of the potential for volatility in the stock price. While there is no guarantee that Alphabet will reach $500 per share within the next decade, its strong track record of growth, innovative products, and diverse portfolio of companies may make it possible.

As Alphabet continues to invest in new technologies and expand its reach, investors should keep an eye on the company’s progress and be prepared for the potential for significant returns.

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