Amazon store card – features, pros, and cons

This credit card plays an important role in giving your money back for spending. Yes, if you are an amazon prime member then you can easily get 5% cashback from your entire amazon spending all year long. Additionally, your savings will definitely be significant. The Amazon store card introduces and issued by the synchrony bank and is having a couple of special 0% interest financing options for all the members including the prime and non-prime once. This card is actually proved to be best for the deal seeker, trendsetter, brand loyalist, and also the family shoppers.

Amazon store card

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What are the major features of this card?

  • With the help of this Amazon store card, you can easily earn points and rewards. Yes, the amazon reward earning is unlimited but it is important for you to be a prime member.
  • The best part is that you will earn will definitely and automatically be credited to your account.
  • At the end of every billing cycle, you can easily redeem your points balance and use it for your shopping.
  • The points only take 5 days to get credited in your account.
  • The synchrony bank provides 24/7 customer service support to the cardholders.
  • The security features of this card are also quite standard. And there is zero fraud liability available.
  • There are no annual fees to be paid by the users

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon store card?

The major advantage of Amazon store card includes

  • If you are eligible amazon prime member then whenever you apply for the Amazon store card you will definitely get upgraded to the amazon prime store card. And also it will be subjected to your credit approval. It will help you in earning 5% cashback on all your purchases from This is actually the true benefit of getting this card.
  • Special financing options are available for all. Yes, if you are not a prime member or you have decided that you are willing to forgo the rewards in exchange for extra time to pay off the purchase at 0% then you can easily select an option that will be displayed on the screen whenever you check out.

What are the major disadvantages of the Amazon store card?

  • The APR of these scorecards is quite high.
  • It is great that you are having a 5% reward but it is important for you that you are not having any other redemption options.
  • Whenever you are about to checkout, you will definitely get an appealing deal of $10 instant account credit. But that alone should not influence you to apply because it will definitely not prove to be the worth choice for you.


Hence, these are some of the details that you should know about the Amazon store card. With the help of this information, you can easily take your decision regarding the card and avail the best profit from it.

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