Benefits of Direct Mail Marking in Real Estate

Direct mail marketing in real estate remains a reliable way to generate leads and has benefits over other strategies such as email.     A direct mailer can allow a potential client to connect instantly to marketing materials, produce a higher response rate, and provide a better chance for the advertising message to be seen.

Connect Instantly

The use of real estate direct mail marketing can be more high-tech than a simple postcard. Potential clients can use a smartphone to scan the QR code and be immediately be taken to the corresponding web address where they can call, send an email, or search the website for information on respective listings.

Increase Response

Direct mail has a higher response rate than email, according to the Harvard Business Review. The higher the response rate, the more chance of a making profit for the business.     Email marking can also be helpful, but if the goal is to generate leads that can result in more sales and business, direct mail has an increased response rate.

Assure Visual

In the digital world, it is all too easy to delete ads and marketing information without even looking at or reading the material.     This scenario can play out in the world of direct mail also, but there is a greater chance that it will be seen and even touched while the mail is being sorted.     The chances are higher than the marketing message will be read even if the mail goes in the trash afterward.

Benefits of direct mail marketing in real estate include the ability for potential clients to connect to marketing materials instantly by using a smartphone and scanning a QR code on the direct mailer.     The response rate of direct mail is higher than it is with email, and with direct mail, it is more likely that the marketing message will be seen.

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