How to Close a Credit Card? Here’s the Process

Closing a credit card can be as simple as applying for it. You can opt to close your credit card for a myriad of reasons- you may have found a better card, you may want to take a break from a credit card, you may be relocating to a different country, etc. However, before you close your card, make sure you clear the EMIs and outstanding EMIs on your card. It would also be beneficial for you if you claimed all your accumulated reward points. Most importantly, remember to stop using your card so that your dues don’t extend to the next billing cycle.

Once you are through with the actions, you can proceed with the credit card closing process.  You can do so by-

  • Submitting a written request to the manager of the respective bank, mentioning the credit card related details.
  • Submitting the closing request via the official bank website by filling up the closure/ cancellation form.

If you are an RBL credit cardholder, you can do so, by contacting the RBL Bank Credit Card Customer Care.

How To Contact RBL Credit Card Customer Care

The customer care number for RBL credit card is 022 6232 7777

There is also a toll-free number for credit card customer care which is 1800 121 9050

RBL Bank Credit Card helpline number for RBL SuperCard is 022 711 90 900

The RBL credit card customer care is available on call, all day, every day of the week. This makes it a convenient means of addressing your concerns, if and when they arise. Though a phone call happens to be the first level of grievance redressal and assistance, the detailed and quick response system, makes it an efficient means of resolving issues pertaining to your credit card. A pre-set menu, guided by the operator makes it easy to handle too. Also, there is access to expert assistance if the pre-set menu does not cover your specific concerns.

Apart from a call, you can also contact the RBL credit card customer care, for customer concerns related to RBL SuperCard via email. The email address for the same is

Types of Services Offered by RBL Credit Card Customer Care

You can contact the customer care by dialling the RBL credit card helpline number to get information pertaining to your credit card number, customer ID, etc. You can also update the email address and residential address on your credit card using the helpline. The RBL credit card customer care can also assist you with inquiries about the outstanding balance on your card, credit card statement, repayment schedule, card limit, rewards summary and preapproved offer. You can even opt to foreclose your EMI payments, change the billing cycle on your credit card, avail an emergency loan, etc., by reaching out to the RBL credit card customer care. You can also contact the customer care, if you wish to cancel your credit card, or report the loss, misplacement or theft of your card.

While these are some of the basic concerns, the RBL credit card customer care can assist you with several other queries too. Download the Finserv MARKETS App

Having a high- functioning financial tool can help you address your everyday financial needs and woes effectively. However, with an efficient and dedicated customer care solution, you can do the same, worry-free.

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