How to Find the GST number with the Name?

Goods and service tax or GST came into effect in the year 2017 and since then it is vigorously trying to curb the cascading effect of other indirect taxes throughout the country.

It is mandatory for all the sellers, service providers and buyers to register themselves under the GST law, where it is clearly stated that a business that makes a total of Rs. 20 lakhs or more in the financial sector must be a GST registered entity.

After being registered they are provided with a unique registration number. In this article, we will know how to find the GST number with the name but before going into the details, it is necessary to know some facts about GSTIN or the GST Identification number.

What is the GST Identification Number?

GSTIN or GST identification number is a 15-digit PAN-based unique identification number that is for all who are registered under GST. The number is simply used to file your GST returns.

To obtain this you need to be registered under GST, where first you need to obtain the PAN then apply for GST registration and it gets completed after the relevant documents are uploaded. GSTIN consists of 15 digits which are alphanumeric characters all having a specific purpose.

The first two characters are the state code, the next digits being your PAN number. The next digit shows the number of registration done against the single PAN number in a particular state.

The second last digit is the alphabet Z which is common in every GSTIN. The last number or alphabet is the check code which is used for error detections, this is the checksum that is unused as of now.

Importance of GST Identification Number

  • GSTIN is a unique 15-digit number that is provided at the time of registering with GST. Unlike the previous tax regimes having multiple registrations, GSTIN is a single unique number. Though a single entity may have various registration numbers depending on the branches across the state, thus making it legalized according to the state.
  • The GSTIN of the Goods and Service Tax Identification number is an important requirement for every business so that they can avail of the input tax credit. Not only they can avail the of credit but they can uphold their credibility in the market.

How to apply for a GST number?

If you are applying for a GST identification number, though it is seamless due to its online nature there is a certain process that you need to take into consideration which is as follows:

  • Log into for processing the registration.
  • You need to fill certain pages which are in accordance with the GST REG-01 form including business details, promoter/partners, authorized signatory, bank accounts, etc.
  • After submitting the GST REG-01 form, you will receive an email and SMS, telling you that your new registration has been submitted. The message received will contain a 15-digit application reference number.
  • Once the form is submitted, it becomes subject to verification on the GST portal, and accordingly, it could get accepted or rejected.
  • If there is a requirement for some clarification if it is not approved, then you might be provided with a Show Cause Notice (SCN) reference number where your clarification might be needed.
  • After every point is cleared you will receive the 15-digit GSTIN with a temporary password which can be changed or reset after using it for the first time.


Find the GST Number with the Name

GSTIN can be easily searched by name. Why? Because each state has shared the particular list of GST numbers with the central government, this is the list that clearly tells the division of taxpayers between the central and state government. You can find the GST number through the name on various websites, however, it is best if you use the official website of GST.

Below are the steps to find the GST Number with the name:

  1. Go on to the search portal of the website.
  2. Start with typing the name of the business, company, firm, or the individual (registered name) you want to find the GST Number.
  3. Now type the name of the state where the operations of the business take place
  4. Lastly, click on the search button.

After following the above process, the result appears to tell you:

  • The legal name of the business
  • The state of belonging and the date of registration
  • The structure of the business
  • Taxpayers nature, i.e whether he is a regular or a composite dealer
  • The status of the GSTIN


GSTIN is an important number for all the registered business owners, it is a PAN-based number that can not only be found with the name but you can use the PAN number as well to find it.

This works as an authentication tool where the wrong GST taxpayers may be fined or penalized accordingly.

If you know how to find the GST number with the name, you can easily tackle the GSTIN fraud by checking its authenticity. It even helps you avoid any suppliers who are using fake GSTIN and even correct errors in reporting the GSTIN.

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