Is it beneficial to get health insurance app in India?

Insurance policies are the shield that protect you from different dangers of life. For each dangerous situation, there is a type of insurance policy you can buy. Among all these types of policies, health insurance is considered to be the most vital insurance policy. It takes the phrase health is wealth and turns it into a real statement. Being the important product that it is, you would decide to go through the entire process of payments, verifications, and waiting periods to buy the policy. While it may not appear so, you can make small changes to make the entire process more hassle free.

Over the last decade, smartphones have added immense value to our lives. For this reason, they have become an inseparable and vital part of our lives. In fact, people spend a lot more money on buying smartphones today than they did a year ago. Seeing as they can show you the world through a 5-inch screen, it is no surprise that insurance providers want to be seen through it. For that, they have introduced their own mobile insurance app.

health insurance app in india

However, the point of having an app is that it makes your insurance experience better. The question is that does the app make having and managing insurance better? Yes, a health insurance app can be extremely beneficial for policy holders. Here are some ways it can do that:

  • Round the clock accessibility

Having insurance without an app means that you would have to wait for specific time and day to receive service from your provider. In the case that you are making a claim or renewing your policy, you cannot wait for your insurance provider to make time for you. Hence, your insurance provider must be available at the time when you need it.

A health insurance app can do just that. Any concerns or questions you may have regarding your insurance, you can simply connect to your insurance provider through the app. Moreover, it makes sure that your query is met with the right assistance. Unlike connecting through calls or emails, the app puts no constraint on when you can approach your insurer.

  • Tele consultations

Health insurance is about making sure that if a policyholder is ill or injured, he/she is covered for their medical expenses. However, a great insurance provider goes beyond that and makes sure that their policyholders are in healthy shape. An insurance app allows them to achieve that. A lot of insurance apps have the feature of tele consultations. This feature allows policyholders to get consultations from qualified medical professionals in the case that they feel ill. In the scenario where you cannot go to a doctor’s clinic, you can get the proper medical advice digitally.

  • Access to policy information

It is widely believed that knowing is half the battle won. This could not be truer for health insurance. Every health insurance policy has terms, conditions, inclusions, exclusions, policy details,etc. As per these conditions, there are somethings that you can make a claim for and then some things that you cannot. However, it often happens that a policyholder realizes that is the case at the time of claim when the insurance provider tells them at the time they make a claim. This means that they have to cover a medical expense out of their pocket despite having health insurance.

An insurance app avoids such a situation by storing all the policy information for you. Hence, before you renew your policy or make a claim, you can access the information and then go ahead with the process without any worries.

  • Faster processing

With the usual way of having insurance, if you have to renew your policy or make a claim, then you have to book an appointment over call or emails. After this, the insurance provider gets back to you and starts the process. This entire process takes a considerable amount of time. In this case, if you have an urgent need, you have no option but to wait.

In the case of a health insurance app, all you have to do is enter your policy details, Select the option of whatever you process you want to start. And the moment you submit your request, the processing of your application starts right away.

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