Reliance Naval Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

You must have come across this article looking for detailed information on Reliance Naval Share Price and its future predictions. There is no doubt that Reliance Naval and Engineering Limited is doing great in the market. It is a defense company and is mostly engaged in shipbuilding and fabrication.

There are multiple units of this company which are situated in different parts of this country. Anyway, most people are showing interest in investing in the stock market, and it might be the reason you are here reading this post. 

No worries, we are adding all the information for our readers about Reliance Naval and its share price predictions. Let’s continue in detail.

Reliance Naval Share Price Today

There are no particular graphs that show the stability of this stock. We have compared the last three-year graph and have found a huge downfall since 2019. The current price of this stock is Rs 3.45.

We are not expecting any increase since the stock is already on its downfall. Still, let’s check on the predictions.

Reliance Naval Share Price Target 2022

The current market rate is still stable, but I do not think that 2022 is the best year for this stock. We can expect some more downfall, and as per the forecast, the price of Reliance Naval can go down beyond Rs 2.50 or more.

Reliance Naval Share Price Target 2023

2023 can be good but in the middle. We have seen the forecast and as expected the price can touch Rs 5 or more by the June of 2023. Furthermore, the reports even suggest that it will again touch the downfall of Rs 4 or more by 2023. 

Again, it is just a prediction, and the actual price might differ from the prediction.

Reliance Naval Share Price Target 2024

2024, is not the good year it seems for Reliance Naval & Engineering. But hope for the best. As per the forecast and stock market prediction, the price will touch Rs 4 or more by 2024. There are no particular predictions for this year.

Reliance Naval Share Price Target 2025

Till today, the price of Reliance Naval is stable. By 2025, there might be multiple companies that will start manufacturing the defense items, and reliance needs to strengthen its base to stand out in the competition. If this happens, we can expect to see a huge hike in the stock market price of Reliance Naval.

Reliance Naval Share Price Target 2030

Reliance Naval & Engineering company will eventually grow in the future. We can predict the amount, but again it might be different from the actual price. We can expect Rs 20 or more per share by 2030.


Here we come at the end. Reliance Naval & Engineering is a defense company that deals in manufacturing ship equipment situated in the various parts of our country.

Anyway, this article is all about Reliance Naval shares and their price predictions. We have added all the information that one needs to know before investing in this stock. 

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