Secure net banking : Key tips

Netbanking is an integral part of  banking services and is not seen as a mere extension or an option . Every major bank offers net banking services, but how must you decide which one to opt for? This article helps you do that by identifying five features that you must look for in a mobile banking app to ensure that it is secure.  

secure banking tips

Get a popular  netbanking app 

Firstly, you must choose the netbanking app of a bank that has a good reputation. Mobile banking apps such as IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app offer new-age features to customers that elevate the overall experience of netbanking for customers. Some examples of such features are the “Auto Pay” feature, the “One-Swipe Pay” feature, and the “Track Your Expenses” feature. 

Choose a unique username and password

You must choose your login credentials carefully and remember them while logging in. It is advisable for customers to note down their usernames and passwords while creating them to log in to the app. Additionally, you must also keep changing your username or password to secure your bank account from cyber-attacks. 

Ensure  additional layers of security 

Various netbanking apps offer customers the option of adding more layers of security than the ones that are generally offered by the app. To take IDFC FIRST Bank’s example, customers can choose to opt for a biometric login to increase the security of their online transactions. If you wish to secure your transactions more, you can activate such features offered by banks. 

Choose an app that offers multiple modes of online transfer 

IDFC FIRST Bank offers 3 major modes of transacting money online – UPI (Unified Payments Interface)-based transfer, “Auto Pay” – a new feature that facilitates lightning-fast online payments; and “One-Swipe Pay”, a payment mode that requires customers to swipe to make a payment. The customer can also choose NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement) or IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) to make a payment. Having more than one option to transact makes online transfers more secure since the customer is not dependent on a single mode of transfer all the time. You must, therefore, choose an app that allows you to transact via multiple features. 

Make sure the mobile app is  technologically advanced and friendly  

For your transactions to be secure, your mobile banking app must be technically sound. You must not face any issues while logging in to your netbanking app or while checking your bank account’s balance. Along with net bank login, your repayments must be technically sound too – your app must not throw a technical glitch while processing a monthly repayment of your personal loan or of your credit card dues. IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app has a customer-friendly user interface and a strong technical foundation that ensures a superior money transfer experience. 

If you wish for your netbanking app to be secure, kindly keep the points mentioned in this article in mind. The one feature that you must prioritise the most in your search for the right netbanking app is the feature of multiple modes of online transfer.

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