Aegon life – A Complete Overview

Life does not come with any guarantee card. Therefore as a prudent family person, you need to design your life in a perfect way. For that, you should seek life insurance for your family. Now the motive of such an insurance plan is to take care of your family requirements when you are not there to support them. Thus, today let’s get a complete idea of Aegon life.

Get Enlightened on the Company Aegon Life:


Aegon life insurance started its journey almost 173 years before. Today the brand is a global name in more than 20 countries of the world. You can see they are predominant in regions of Asia, Europe, and America. Overall their customer’s count reaches the number of 30 million across the world.

For your information, note that Aegon life is a joint venture between the Aegon N.V and the Bennett Coleman Times Group. Talking about the time’s group, one newspaper that is a flagship until the date is the Times of India. It has a wide base of readers both in India and abroad.

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Presently, Aegon life emerged as one of the cutting edge digital service offering companies. It is because they have well-devised policies. On top of that, the premiums are quite bearable. Aso, they maintain transparency with their policies. Moreover, direct interaction with customers makes them the worthiest life insurance companies.

Why should you choose Aegon life?


If you decide to get the life insurance policy then do consider Aegon life. But the question is why should you do so? In that regard, note that it is a trustworthy company who ensures to offer full protection to your family.

Before reaching them, note that the term insurance policy is a type of insurance plan, which works within a specific time limit. To have that you need to pay a particular premium at the decided interval. The assured sum mentioned in the policy will automatically reach your nominee during your absence from his or her life. Therefore let’s see what are the benefits Aegon life promises you.

  • Value for your premium paid:

Aegon life insurance is comprehensive and at the same time price effective. The best Side of the life insurance company is that their plans are very much reasonable. On the other hand, they offer greater coverage as well.

  • Coverage for a longer period:

Majorly you will find that the insurance plans do offer coverage up to 70 years. ButAegon’s life insurance made a distinct story by offering the longest coverage period. That means you can get coverage for up to 80 years. Indeed that is what makes it the most desirable life insurance plan.

  • Flexible death privileges:

The plus side of the term insurance is that Aegon life provides you a flexible plan when it comes to death privileges payout. You will get some useful options in regard to the death – benefit. The first one is that you can opt for taking a lump sum amount in hand. Second is that you can ask the company to offer you a monthly assured sum and this should continue until 100 months. Now one more added benefit is that you can request for the combined benefit as well. That means you can have both the options together.

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  • Enhanced life coverage:

Aegon life insurance lets you amplify the life coverage amount after considering the various phases of your life. Don’t worry the insurer will guide with the process.

  • Privileges for nonsmokers and women:

One more additional benefit of the Aegon life insurance is that they do charge a lower premium rate from non-smokers and from women.

  • Rider plans:

Rider plan benefit is an incredible inclusion in Aegon life insurance policies. According to that, you can enjoy different types of both additional and inbuilt plans. For instance, you can consider the iTerm insurance plan that includes a built-in death privilege for the customers. Additionally also enjoy the rider plan for the complicated type of illness.

Besides that you can consider the plan like iSpouse, according to this you can enjoy a waived off premium in case if one of the spouses is having any difficult illness. In addition to these two, you can add more riders to the list as well based on the intensity of the illness and disability.

  • Benefit in regards to tax:

According to the 80 C section of the income tax Act of 1961, the assured premium and sums don’t fall in the category of taxable terms and conditions. Therefore, it is always advisable to get the insurance plan at a younger age. It is because doing so you can secure the life of your family members without paying exorbitant premiums.

Final Say:

To conclude, remember that life insurance is vital and mandatory. But at the same time, you need to take precautionary steps when it comes to choosing the life insurance providing company. In that respect always choose a fair and reliable company like Aegon life.

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