Top 7 Best Life Insurance Companies in India

None could be better than securing your family’s future than that of having a perfect life insurance partner for you. The number of life insurance companies in India is growing quite rapidly. As technology is growing up rapidly, each one of these is providing both offline and online services to the users also. But do they all match up the user’s preferences and expectations? Surely not.

The selection of best life insurance companies gets quite necessary here at this moment and for making that much easier for you we are here with the 7 best options for you. Each of the products being mentioned below is thoroughly checked as per its reviews and all of these ensures the highest claim settlement ratio to the users also.


LIC Insurance Corporation of India:

Being founded in the year 1956, LIC is India’s oldest life insurance company that is currently having millions of active users all across the nation. LIC is well known for its highest claim settlement ratio. The best thing about LIC is the versatility of insurance plans it is offering users to. Right from investing in term plans, to endowment plans, money back plans, pension plans, children plan, group insurance schemes, and unit-linked plans there are a lot more options than you can opt for securing you and your loved one’s future.

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Max Life Insurance:

Max Life Insurance holds on the topmost place in the ranking of one of the best life insurance companies in India in 2020. The company is currently offering a wide range of plans for users with great returns. You don’t need to have a lot of money to get started with. Users can even start their investments with low premiums as well. The claim settlement ratio is quite higher and has settled thousands of claims to date successfully. The company is currently offering both offline and online services to the users and that has even made access even much easier.

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance:

If you are willing to invest in an insurance company that can double up your money in just a few years, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance is just the right platform you can opt for. Along with having high claim settlement ratio, this platform offers two basic life insurance plans and that is Reliance Nippon Life Digi-Term Insurance Plan and Reliance Nippon Life Term Plan

SBI Life Insurance:

SBI is not only one of the leading banking institutions of India only but is contributing successfully to the life insurance sector as well. Just after starting up its ride in the field of the life insurance sector, it has succeeded to acquire the leading place in the series by IRDA due to the involvement of its high claim settlement ratio. Right from providing up a wide range of accidental insurance plans, the company also is focusing on providing a vast range of life insurance plans with low-cost premiums to the users and that has worked fantastically in improving its growth.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance:

It is another one of the renowned life insurance companies in India in 2020 that is currently serving the nation with a vast range of life insurance options. This life insurance company is a joint venture of the Bajaj group and Allianz company that have boosted up the growth of the insurance sector a lot. Providing users idea experiences with zero worries and the highest claim settlement ratio, Bajaj Allianz Insurance has succeeded in winning the trust of millions of users globally. The company offers users a life goal-based investment plan that has made the user experience even much smoother.

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PNB Metlife India Insurance:

PNB has started up a joint venture in addition to Metlife to help people invest in a secure and versatile life insurance sector. The platform is growing up a quite faster pace and all thanks to the convenience of payment options and high claim settlement ration it is offering users to. PNB and Metlife both have emerged as a stronger platform that has ensured millions of users in India in acquiring stronger, reliable and credible financial strength.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance:

HDFC Standard Life Insurance is another one of the leading life insurance companies in India. The company is currently serving as one of the leading long-term insurance solutions today that is offering users a wide range of investment options meeting well to customer needs. Users can easily opt for protection, pension, saving, investment and health insurance options here with higher claim settlement ratios.


Life insurance is a very important initiative one needed to be taken to keep one’s and their loved one’s future safe. It is not only an investment that takes care of your loved ones in your absence as well.

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