EPF Registration Online Process For Employer – Quick Guide

Most people already know about the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), which is basically a scheme and a benefit after retirement to the employees. It is under the Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 and also, being managed by the government. It is also one of the largest world organizations in terms of transaction volume undertaken. In this article, we will see about the EPF registration process.

Applicability of EPF Registration:


EPF registration is mandatory for every establishment, aka organization –

  • In which, there are more than 20+ employees are working.
  • Or, the factory engaged the workers of more than 20 persons.

The provident fund contribution of 12% would be equally charged from the employer and employee salary towards the EPF pension scheme. However, the contribution could be less than 10% if any establishment or organization is having less than 20 employees.

Steps for EPF Registration Process:

This process is for the employers, and one needs to follow the steps given below to complete the EPF registration process.

Step 1: Register the organization with EPFO

First, you need to visit the official EPFO website. You will find the option of “Establishment Registration.” on the home page of the unified portal.

Step 2: User Manual

On the next screen, you need to read the user instruction manual before processing the application. The new organization and establishment need to read the instruction manual before completing the registration process.

Step 3: Register DSC

The employees who are already registered with the EPF can log in using their UAN number and password. They can also register for the DSC (Digital signature certificate) for attaining the full access to EPF registration.

Step 4: Fill the Employer’s Details

Fill all the required details needed on the screen and then tick on. “I have read the instruction manual.” and then click on the submit button. The fields with a red star mark are mandatory to fill for the employer.

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Step 5: Fill the details correctly.

You need to fill all the details correctly on the screen. The details are:

Name: Your first, middle and last name should be correct as per the documents released by the Income-tax department of India.

PAN: The employer PAN card details like the PAN number. This will verify the information you had entered into the system.

User name: One can select their username for quickly log in to the EPFO portal.

Hint Question/answer: It is essential to select the question, and the answer as this will help in the future to reset your password.

Mobile Pin: The applicant will receive an SMS to verify the PIN and link on the screen.

Activate email link: Applicant also needs to activate and verify the email that the organization will receive to complete the registration process.


If the company or any establishment is having more than 20 employees working under them, then the organization must register for EPF to complete the pension process for the employees. In this article, I have added the process for the Registration of EPF for employers. If there is anything that is not understandable, then feel to ask us in the comments section.

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