How to Apply/Register, Check Pan Card Status Online in India

Well, count as one of the most important documents that you must have. PAN also knew as Permanent Account Number is also crucial for those who are going to pay taxes or eligible for paying taxes. With the help of PAN card, the government can get sufficient yet complete information that helps in keeping the financial transaction transparent and straighten.  There is no doubt that PAN is crucial and also holds a very important place for those who want to become a part of the economy. PAN also has lots of benefits; however, that’s why there is an additional force so every individual citizen can get their PAN. For knowing better here is what you must know

What is the use of PAN Card and why you need it?

There are lots of question regarding why you need this PAN card at very first place. There is no doubt that the use of PAN card is not just for income tax return filing but lots of other sections where it’s important to submit the PAN card number.  There are huge activities no matter its related to financial or non-financial work, PAN is a security that makes you safe and also helps you in staying away from any issues in the future. Here is the list of uses where you are going to need the card:

Uses of Pan Card

  • For opening the bank account: every bank no matter its Private, public and cooperative, they all require the pan card number for opening the account in saving as well as current.
  • For purchasing the jewelry: If you are going for buying the jewelry which cost more than Rs. 5,00,000 then it’s important for you to give the information related to your PAN card details
  • For applying for the debt as well as a credit card: The bank needs your PAN card details for processing the application for the debit or credit card. Without that, they will reject the request right away. Not just it’s important but also mandatory bylaws.
  • For buying properties: no matter you are going to buy property or going to rent it, now it’s important to submit your PAN card details as proof along with other documents.

What are the do and don’ts that you need to understand:

Before you submit the form, there are some important do and don’ts that you need to follow so you will face no difficulties while getting your PAN card fast and easily. Also, it helps you in checking the status of your PAN card during the processing period of application.

  • Do use form 49 A

Well, it’s important to use the form 49 A when you are going to apply for PAN card application. Also before you choose make sure you have everything with you.

  • Do the basic research

For example, it’s important to fill the application using black ink and in block letters. Apart from that also do use the recent colored photo of yours and the size of the photo should not exceed 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm

  • Do know what documents you need

Do understand that documents are important as wrong documents can make the application cancel whereas incomplete information can cause an issue.  Do check the date of birth, your name and address is correct

  • Don’t do underestimate what you should not have to do

Another reason that you should follow the instruction very seriously is the applications are also getting rejected due to basic silly mistakes. Do not do any overwriting or correction to the form you submit. Also, don’t staple the photo. Also, don’t sign your signature out of the box and in case you are using thumb impression, make sure it’s stamped by the official gazette officers

  • Do check again

Lots of time you miss information to fill. For making sure that you are not doing anything like that it’s important for you to do the rechecking. Also, it will help you in avoiding any mistakes that can reject your application

  • Don’t make another PAN card

Well, you can only make one PAN card so in case you lost your card or anything happened by chance you can go with another option for getting the card back instead of submitting the application

  • Do pay attention to what you are filling

Most of the time people do errors while filling the form. However, make sure you are attentive and know what you are mentioning. Also give the correct information regarding the phone number, email address and your resident address as they are the crucial part.

 There are some easy options and steps that help. For knowing better, here is everything that you must know.

How to Check Pan Card Status online:

There are lots of people who prefer to use online option as it’s known as one of the fastest ways. Apart from that, it’s also a very famous mode as compared to other. Here you can track the application but for that, you have to follow some easy steps so you can get the result that you want and also keep yourself updated with the changes.

Check Pan Card Status Online

Here are the steps that you should follow:

Step 1:  The applicant needs to visit the official website that is available for PAN. Get the TIN-NSDL and website navigation so you can find the section of PAN.

Step 2: There are options that applicant needs to choose (new PAN / Updated information). After visiting, you will get a form to submit where you have to fill some basic and important details. Such as acknowledgment 15 number, date of birth and your full name

Step 3: After giving the information that is required and after the successful login, you will redirect to the page where you can check the application of yours related the PAN card. Also, it’s important to understand that online tracking is only available after submitting the application 24 hours.

Procedure for Checking pan card Status with UTI:

For checking the track of your PAN it’s important that you should have application number with you. It’s very important that you have as it will going to play a vital role. That’s why keep the number noted with you. For checking the status of your PAN card

Check Pan Card Status Online UTI

Step 1:  the first thing that you need to visit the online portal UTIITSL.

Step 2:  after that, visit the page of the official UTI pan card

Step 3:  once you get on that page, go and select the option Track PAN Card application status.

Step 4:  after you get there, fill the information related to the application coupon

Step 5: for checking the status of your application, submit the form.

Procedure for Checking pan Card Status with NSDL:

Also, you can get the information related the payment and check the PAN card status with the help of NSDL official website. It’s much easier and hassles free but there are some steps that you must follow so you don’t face any situation.

Check Pan Card Status Online

  • For checking the status of an application you simply need to click the option  Track your PAN/TAN applications status that you will find under the pan cards
  • Also, visit the page of NSDL Pan card
  • After that, you have to find the type of application that you submitted
  • Once you get there you have to put the acknowledgment number that you will get during the submitting of the form
  • Along with that, there is more information that you have to fill. It includes your name and date of birth
  • After completed, click the submit option that you get

Well if you are also looking for the update regarding the payment, there are few steps for that. Start with clicking to the option Know status of your credit card transaction for online application. Once you are done, here are basic steps to follow.

  • Here you have to enter the number of the acknowledged number or you can also go with a transaction number. Well, the transaction number you get when you pay through using your credit card, net banking or debit card. The number will be shown your screen but make sure to note it down.
  • After that fill the Name section
  • Then put the Date of Birth that you mentioned in the application
  • After you done, click the show status for knowing the transaction status.

Required Documents to Check Pan Card Status:

There is a basic thing yet most important part knows which documents you are going to need for checking the updates. However, for that, you should have the acknowledgment number of 15 digits that will be provided when you submit the application. However, for making sure that your application doesn’t get rejected, do know what kind of documents you need:

Here is the list that is divided into being a citizen and being not a citizen of the country

If you are the citizen:

  • For proof of identity you are going to need :
  1. a) ID card of a voter
  2. b) Passport
  3. c) Ration card
  4. d) Aadhaar card
  5. e) Your driving license
  6. f) Photo ID card which is issued by the state of government, central government etc
  7. g) Arm’s license
  • For proof of address, you can use
  1. a) Your electricity bill
  2. b) Landline connection bill
  3. c) Voter ID card
  4. d) Broadband connection bill
  5. e) Passport
  6. f) Passport of your spouse
  7. g) Bank account statement
  8. h) Credit card statement

Well if you are not the citizen still you applied then here is the list that you should follow

  • For identity proof
  1. a) Your passport
  2. b) OCI CARD allotted by the Indian government
  3. c) PIO card allotted by the Indian government
  4. d) Any citizenship or ID of the taxpayer by the Indian embassy
  • For address proof
  1. a) Your passport
  2. b) PIO ( by Indian government allotted)
  3. c) OCI ( by Indian government allotted )
  4. d) Bank statement of India but nonresidential external
  5. e) Certificate of the registration where you have the Indian address reflected
  6. f) Visa ( by foreign country granted)

Check Pan Card Status Tracking Modes.

Well, forgetting the PAN card, it will take almost 15 working days. However, the government makes sure that you at least know how to track the application and keep yourself updated so you don’t feel lost. Here you get an acknowledged number which contains 15 digits.  The applicants also get three different modes by which they can do the tracking of their PAN card application status.  Also, you can check the updates after the three days as you can get more accurate details and updates regarding the status. There are chances that you can hard to get the information before you are connected within the three days after the form submission. Here are those three options that you will get:

  • Online Tracking

One of the most simple and easy options that you can go with, Online tracking cut all the hassles as you can simply log in to the official website. However, there are some steps that every applicant needs to follow in order to get their status updates easily.

  • SMS Facility

Another option that you get here is SMS facility. By this, you can use the services that are specialized for PAN card application tracking. For that, you have to do SMS NSDLPAN and also have to mention the acknowledgment number that you got in 15 digits.  The SMS will send to the number 57575. After sending, the applicant will receive an SMS where they will get the updates regarding the status of the PAN card application.

  • Telephone call

For those who fine online and SMs option difficult they can simply go with telephone call option. It’s easy for those people who are not very familiar with the online work and Sms stuff. For finding the status, you can call the call center of TIN and for that, you have to dial 020-27218080. Along with that, make sure you have your acknowledgment number with you as it will be asked by the executive.


PAN card or Permanent Account number is one of the crucial documents which is used in most of the works related to financial and non-financial sectors. Along with that, it’s an important legal document and for getting the one you just have to follow basic steps and have to submit the documents. Recently, Aadhaar card becomes mandatory for every person who wants to get their PAN card. Well, the card helps you in participate in the country’s economy but also make things much easier as well as safer for you

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