Establish Trust in Your Business With These 5 Tools

Establishing trust in your business goes hand in hand with establishing a solid base of loyal customers. Focussing on customer service and shaping the perfect customer experience is the ideal way to ensure that your customers visit you again, and also promote you through word-of-mouth. Since the checkout experience plays a massive role in shaping a positive customer experience, a modern-day POS terminal and card swiping machine can expedite checkouts, reduce waiting time, and project a positive brand image for your business. Here are 5 important POS tools that can foster trust in your business:-

  1. Card Swiping Machine– As a small or mid-sized business owner, if you have been accepting only cash payment, you are missing out on a large chunk of customers who prefer to pay via debit cards or credit cards. Probably a decade earlier, small businesses were reluctant to get the card swiping machine because of hefty commissions levied on every transaction. But today with the advent of modern-day POS Service Providers, the entire process of applying for, installing, and using the ECR machines has become extremely simplified and cost-effective.
  2. Modern POS terminal– Digital Payments and QR Code Payments are considered the most convenient forms of payment nowadays. If your business POS terminal is equipped to facilitate QR code scanning and accept other forms of digital payments, it will increase your reputability as a tech-savvy business that is ready to adapt to modern technology. Based on the type of your business- hospitality, FMCG, apparels, Fast Food, and so on, there are POS software systems that have been customized to meet the specific requirements of the particular industry and niche.
  3. Buy Now Pay Later Facility– Integrating your POS system with ‘buy now pay later’ payment option is an excellent way to increase your credibility as a business. This encourages customers to spend more, and thus increases the average revenue generated per customer. It also portrays your dependability as a business that is willing to build a longstanding relationship with customers rather than resorting to just one-time transactions.
  4. Loyalty Points– Rewarding customers with loyalty points and formulating a comprehensive loyalty program is considered the best way to create a loyal base of customers. If your POS terminal has the in-built configuration for registering loyalty points and giving out loyalty discounts, it will enhance your business brand value. More than anything else, it will encourage customers to make repeat purchases and win their trust over a while.
  5. Portable Swipe Machine– If you don’t run a conventional brick-and-mortar business, and have to collect payments from customers on-site or on-the-move, getting a portable swipe machine is one of the best options. It depicts a picture of efficiency on your part as a business owner. Having a portable card swiping machine that also accepts digital payments and enables QR code scanning, is the best way to project a positive impression on the customer.


For most customers, the checkout process leaves a final impression on their minds with respect to whether they will visit your establishment again or not. From the speed of the checkout process, to its efficiency, modes of payment accepted, branding/promotional aspects focussed on during checkout, and loyalty incentives to induce the next visit, there are many vital areas to pay attention to. Shaping the perfect checkout experience with a credible business image, will greatly increase the chance of repeat visitors and positive word-of-mouth. With the above tools like hi-tech POS Terminal, Card Swiping Machine, scan pay, Loyalty Programs, Portable POS, and Buy Now Pay Later POS Integration, your business will definitely gain more trust and attract more customers as a credible service provider

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