Reliance Capital Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2030

An Indian-Based & non-banking financial services company. Reliance Capital is primarily indulged in financial and investment, and the segments include multiple things from general insurance, life insurance, and capital funding. It also includes corporate lending and investment activities across the country.

But as I assumed, you might have come across this article looking for the current share price of Reliance Capital, and its future targeted price. Let me tell you, you have landed on the right web page on the internet. 

As mentioned earlier, Reliance Capital is all indulged in non-banking financial and investment activities, and it includes financing in multiple sectors. Anyway, I’ll not waste time and come directly to the primary motive of this article.

Reliance Capital Share Price Today

As mentioned earlier, Reliance Capital is indulged in both financial and investment activities. It includes insurance and financial programs. From General to Life insurance policies, it offers everything. When it comes to financing, it offers the best interest rate on some small financing options that include car financing, house loans, etc.

Anyway, the current market stock price of Reliance Capital is Rs 14.55. It is stable for last week, and the growth rate is not much according to the last three year charts. 

Reliance Capital Share Price Target 2022

As mentioned, the growth rate is not much according to the last three year charts. But still, we can expect that Reliance Capital Share Price will touch Rs 15 by 2022.

Reliance Capital Share Price Target 2023

The next year could be good for Reliance Capital shareholders as the company is growing at the fastest speed. Thus, we can expect the average price of one share of Rs 16 or more by 2023. It is hard to predict the amount, as the stock market is subject to market risk.

Reliance Capital Share Price Target 2024

2024, the latest innovations and partnerships between the companies can impact hugely on the share price of Reliance Industries, capital, and other stocks. If everything goes positively, we can expect a price point of Rs 20 or more in 2024.

Reliance Capital Share Price Target 2025

Multiple sources claim the price point of Reliance Capital shares will hike in the upcoming years. 2025 could be the starting and hopefully, the share price can touch Rs 25 or more.

Reliance Capital Share Price Target 2030

From 2022 to 2030, it is a big time, and it needs a lot of patience to hold any share. But if you have the patience and can hold the Reliance Capital share for such a long time, then it could be worth every penny as the share price will go double. We can expect Rs 50 or more by 2030.


This article has all the information for people who are looking for the current price and future price analysis. Still, it is essential to complete your research before investing in any stock funds. This article is for general purposes only, and the predictions will depend on the future market condition.

We only have added a few predictions based on the current market state. We hope it helps.

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