How to Download Bank of Baroda Credit Card Statement?

Have you been looking for the process to download the Bank of Baroda Credit Card Statement? Let me tell you, you have landed on the right web page. Bank of Baroda is an Indian bank that works in the public banking sector. It has multiple branches and ATMs across the country and in some international locations.

As most people are not aware of this process, we have decided to cover up every single piece of information in this article. People with BOB bank accounts can quickly control their credit cards from the Bank of Baroda website

You do not have to visit the bank to get your credit card statement. It is possible to download the BOB credit card statement online. Let’s look at the process below.

How to Download Bank of Baroda Credit Card Statement?

It is not a difficult process. If you have a little bit of knowledge of internet and net banking, you can easily download the BOB credit card bank statement online. All you need to have is the Bank of Baroda Financial logins, and your card is with you.

Remember your card must be activated, and your registered mobile number should be with you during this process. 

Let’s come to the process.

  • First, open the Bank of Baroda financial website. You can open it by clicking here:
  • You now have to click on the log-in button.
  • After that, you need to enter your login id and captcha code on the screen and press the submit button.
  • Enter the password and confirm your security message.
  • Within a few seconds, you will get logged in to the BOB Financial dashboard.
  • Once logged in, tap on the payments and statement options. 
  • You will now find the credit card statement on your screen. You can now download the PDF statement by selecting the tenure. 
  • Once it gets downloaded, you can open it with the password. (If you do not know about the password of the PDF File, we have added some information below.)

What is the PDF Statement Password?

You need a password to open a password-protected PDF statement file. You cannot open the file without entering the correct password format. The password includes personal information that only the account owner knows.

It consists of eight characters and the first four characters are the name of the account holder in Capital. You need to enter your date of birth in DDMM in the last four characters followed by the first four to open the password-protected file.

For example, if your name is Sunny and your date of birth is 02 Feb 2000. Therefore, your password will become SUNN0202.


So, here we come at the end. We have added one of the easiest methods to download the Bank of Baroda credit card statement online. You only have to register for the BOB Financial website with your credit card details to download the credit card statement online.

Is there any further information that you require? Feel free to comment below.

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