Reliance Infra Share Price Target 2022 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2030

Are you looking for the best investment option and need to understand more about one particular stock? I assume you might have been looking for the Reliance Infra share price and the reason you have ended up landing over this article. There is no doubt that Reliance industries are doing great work to make India a digital country. 

Reliance Infrastructure Limited is engaged in the business of engineering and construction. This company operates through three segments, power, engineering, and construction. The power segment works to ensure power transmission at various locations. Additionally, the E & C ensures the construction & contracts of various industries.

Anyway, we will not go deep and come directly to the primary motive of this article which is to let our readers know about the future outcomes or targeted price of Reliance Infra. 

Reliance Infra Share Price Today

In the last four months, Reliance Infrastructure’s price has been touching the sky and last week it showed a huge growth of 100% in the stock market. The current price of Reliance Infra stock is Rs 188.45 (It is the live market price and can fluctuate)

The highest recorded price of this week is above Rs 190. Yes, the infrastructure is getting huge and so is the Reliance group of companies. 

Reliance Infra Stock Price Target 2022

It is impossible to predict the correct targeted price of any stock. But we can do research and make it possible to predict the average targeted price of any stock. As per the reports and the current market state, the price can go beyond Rs 200 or more by 2022. 

Reliance Infra Stock Price Target 2023

2023 can be the biggest year for Reliance Infra stock. Going through the current market conditions, it can even touch the price point of Rs 300 or more in the next upcoming year. 

Reliance Infra Stock Price Target 2024

Reliance is the name and brand in itself. However, the maximum predicted price for 2024 is something around Rs 400 or Rs 450. It all depends on the market and pandemic conditions. 

Reliance Infra Stock Price Target 2025

Reliance Infra will get bigger as there are multiple plans for the future including the collaboration with some bigger international companies. We can expect the price value of Reliance Infra Stock is Rs 600 or more.

Reliance Infra Stock Price Target 2030

The Next 10 Years are going to be huge for any industry, and this includes the reliance group of companies as well. Expecting the current market state, the price of infra stock will eventually touch Rs 1200 or more by 2030. 


We have added this article to help people get all the information on Reliance Infra Share Price and its prediction. But investing in any stock is solely the customer’s decision, we will not be responsible for anything. Remember, the stock market and mutual funds are subject to market risk.

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