How to Make the Best Use of SBI Personal Loan

Funds in good proportion are required continuously in our lives. Besides meeting regular obligations, money is also needed to clear various sorts of responsibilities. SBI Personal Loan serves ideally to draw us out of such a situation

We spend money at the time of vacation, education, property, vehicles, events like marriage, etc. A good percentage of our earning is also passed over in paying medical bills.

All those mentioned above take out a lion share of our earning. Therefore, we come across with scarcity of funds at the time of any unexpected emergency. Under such circumstances, Personal Loan is an ideal solution.

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The SBI Personal Loan:

With a prior realization of the immediate fund in the lives of people, State Bank of India, the largest Undertaken Financial Institution of our country, has introduced SBI Personal Loan. Such a facility helps people at their times of crisis.


In order to qualify for SBI Personal Loan, a person must meet the understated eligibility criteria:

  • The bank will not entertain any application for Personal Loan if the net earning stays below INR 18500.
  • People residing in tier 1, 2, and 3 cities- the minimum earning will be Rs. 12500.
  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • The people applying for SBI Personal Loan will be crossed against his/her credit score; the same must be above 750 points at the date of application.
  • An applicant must have celebrated his 21st
  • The bank will cross-check the Income Source, Salary should be paid by Pay Check or Bank Transfer. Cash salary will not be considered as a valid proportion.
  • The applicant must have served the current organization for more than 6 months. Self-employed people will have to furnish 2 years ITR at the time of submitting an application.

Details about SBI Personal Loan:

SBI offers finances to cater to the intermittent needs of people. Persons applying for SBI Personal Loan should be an Indian citizen and must have attained maturity at the date of application. He/she must have a sound credit history and suitable employment.

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All the fees related to the loan are charged along with Goods and Service Tax. A person can apply for any amount within a maximum range of Rs. 15l.

Interest is charged depending on the tenure of the loan. As is scheduled in loan redemption instruction laid by RBI, lower rates are charged for loans of long tenure. However, the rate of interest starts from as low as 12% per annum and never goes beyond 15 percentile.

The customer is required to pay a processing charge at one percent of the loan amount. Goods and Service Taxes are applicable to the processing fees.

The borrower will be allowed to repay the loan with interest within a maximum period of 5 years.

SBI Personal Loan disbursement is completed within 10 minutes after the complete submission of the papers.

The entire refundable sum is paid in Equated Monthly Installment (EMI). Bank allows prepayment of loans for which no charge is applicable.


Depending on the personal criteria of an applicant, SBI has designed its personal loan schemes. Currently, SBI Personal Loan is available in myriad designs, some of which are narrated in the following lines:


SBI Express Credit Personal Loan:

The loan is offered to salaried class individuals and pensioners. The amount of loan is 24 times the net salary.  The applicant must be enjoying a net salary of Rs. 7500. The maximum permissible amount could thus be granted to such a person.

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The loan is extended for a period of 4 years and interest is charged within 11.65% – 14.65%. per annum. No security is needed for availing of the loan. EMI would stand at a bare minimum of Rs. 2616.

SBI Pension Loan:

SBI, as a part of carrying out social responsibility, has come forward with a loan disbursal scheme for pensioners. The interest rate for this type of SBI Personal Loan is fixed at sufficiently low quantum. Only 11.6% is charged for this sort of loan.

As a component of social responsibility, the Bank assumes optimal care so as to ensure that there is no hidden charge at any part of the process.

Only 0.51% of the loan amount is charged as processing fees. GST is calculated over the amount and other payable.

The maximum permissible amount of loan under this scheme is Rs. 14 lakhs.  Since no person beyond the age of 76 years will not be considered eligible for this loan, the maximum loan amount reduces to 7.5l for such people.


The bank extends a myriad types of SBI Personal Loan under its credential. For details are available on the Bank Website. The best thing will be to contact the branch of SBI near the residence.

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