How to close the Bank of Baroda Account

Bank Of Baroda is one of the finest public sector banks In India. BOB provides advanced services to meet the demand of its customers. The banks show their great efforts to fulfill the requirements of their loyal customers and as a result their presence all over the country and in every main city.

Do you have a Bank Of Baroda Account? Are you happy with their services?

In this article, we are discussing how to close a bank account. If you are dissatisfied with your banking services, you can terminate your bank account (Bank of Baroda).

How to Close Bank Of Baroda Account?

So now, Let’s get started with this guide and check out the procedure, which you need to follow to close the account in the Bank of Baroda. We have listed all the steps below briefly.

  • Go to the branch and Collect and Fill out the Account closure form.
  • Return your Passbook, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Cheque Book issued by a bank.
  • Submit all the Related documents to the bank for termination of the bank account.
  • Ensure you do not have any pending dues in the bank, if you have then clear them first. 

Procedure to Close Bank Account in Bank of Baroda:

  • First, go to your bank branch and ask for an account closure form.
  • Fill out the closure form, and details that are required to terminate the bank account, and also recheck the data you filled everything correctly. 
  • You will be asked to fill in various data like your Account number, your name, your registered mobile number, and mainly your signature.
  • You have various options to choose to receive the remaining balance amount in your account, the methods are available by cash, cheque, Demand draft, or balance transfer to another account.
  • Now you have completed the closure form with all details which are asked in the form and have chosen the method to receive your remaining balance amount as well.
  • You must add a few documents officially and they are i.g Address proof and Identity proof Documents.
  • Take Photocopies of the documents which you want to submit and make your signature on them to make them self-assured. It is because without your signature these documents are not considered by the bank officers.
  • After clearing all the steps, you must submit the closure form with the attached documents to your branch managers.
  • That’s all. Your bank account is now closed, and you will receive your pending payment on your chosen method.


So, this article was all about how you can close a bank account in the Bank of Baroda. We hope it helps as we have added everything one needs to know to complete the closure of the bank account. If you have something else to ask, the comment section is open.

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