Searching for an Apartment with your Pet

It’s not always easy to find apartment accommodations where dogs are allowed. A lot of condo or apartment rental owners don’t want pets for fear of noise, damage, or odors, and those who accept pets generally prefer small animals to large ones. How do you get your loving companion accepted by an apartment owner or apartment complex? You can opt for pets welcome apartments Central Queens so you and your furry friend can live together in peace.

Get Off On the Right Footing

Visit apartments that welcome pets. As long as you search and find a listing with apartments that are pet friendly, you are good to go. In some cases, if the apartment does not list that pets are welcomed, you should ask the owner to make an exception, but it is important to let the owner know how you will maintain the apartment and leave it in the same condition you saw it. It might take a little negotiating on your part.

Paying for Damage

If the owner is worried that your cat or dog will tear up the carpet or that your dog will ruin their beautiful wood floor, offer a substantial deposit to pay for any possible damages. This is still not the best option. The easiest thing is to rent a pet-friendly apartment, but there is no harm in trying this tactic.

Introduce Your Animal

Introduce your animal to your apartment owner. They will see that the dog is obedient or that the cat is sociable. Remember to give the names of people who have already had you as a tenant and use them as a reference, especially if you had your pet living at your previous apartment or home.

Getting Rid of Odor

Whether you are trying to convince an apartment owner to rent you an apartment with your pet or you are moving into a pet-friendly apartment, you could offer to pay for ozone deodorant treatment while you are living there and when you move out. It helps to give walls and carpets a better odor and most apartment rental owners would appreciate this.  hen all else fails to convince an apartment owner, just narrow down your search for pets-welcome apartments only.

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