Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business from Home

With fewer job opportunities and numerous long working employees being let go of, working from home is fast becoming as popular work solution. Many have started small businesses they can operate from home. However, doing what is usually done within the professional ambience of an office at home is not without problems. Here are five common mistakes you can make while starting a business from home.

Becoming a couch potato

Working from home does not mean you don’t have to go out of the home at all. Even for businesses started at home, it is better to establish real time acquaintances that meeting all your contacts virtually. Try to meet them in person as much as possible; that gives your contacts more faith in your and you gain more experience too.

No fixed work hours

‘I’m working from home, so I can work any time.’ Right? Wrong! No matter how much you enjoy your young one-man company, there will be some tasks at some point of time you will not want to do. Without a schedule or fixed work hours, you will inevitably keep putting it off and do substantial damage to your business. Also, don’t overwork yourself; don’t stipulate no more than hour than you would normally work at the office.

Thinking small

You may be starting your business at home with no more than a room to stock all the products, but don’t let yourself believe that that is as far as it will go. Always target high, always keep your eyes on the next step. You must have the goal of eventually moving your business from home to an office.

Working on your bed/sofa

You may be working from home, but that does not mean you should do it on the garden swing or under the stairs. At home, there are lots of distractions and depending on loved ones instead of colleagues can be tiresome and inhibitory to work at times. So keep a separate work space; preferably a room which is not used by others.

Using old technology

Even though you are starting on one laptop and one landline connection, you should try to add small technological elements to your business one at a time. Open a new website as quickly as possible, use Google analytics and other means to expand your userbase.

Apart from these, a lot of entrepreneurs lose the sight of their goals. Such professionals usually depend on their loved ones instead of employees which can lead to disappointments as well. Try to maintain as much professionalism you can while working at home.

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