The Gadgets You Should And Shouldn’t Invest On In Your 20s

The millennials who are in their 20s are attached to gadgets more than any other generation. Technological advancements introduce new gadgets now and then. It is good to get your hands on the latest technology.

However, buying habits should be rationalised to buying the right product. One should aim at buying gadgets that could help with your personal or organisational upscaling. It is often said that spending habits in the 20s define a person.

Spending foolishly will disrupt your savings that can be spent to cater to your personal needs. Let us look at some of the gadgets that you should buy in your 20s.

Fitness Gadgets

Most people in their 20s own a smartphone. Various fitness gadgets are available in the market that can be connected to a smartphone and tracks your fitness-related activities. Fitness bands can be a good choice to invest in.

Besides monitoring your fitness activities like walking, running, etc., fitness gadgets can also help you develop better sleeping habits. Fitness gadgets also compel individuals to work on their fitness. Being in your 20s, you can work on your fitness level to lead a healthy life ahead.

Various fitness gadgets are available in the market that one can invest in like therapy gadgets, Dyna bands, treadmills, etc. Besides traditional fitness items, one should invest in digital fitness gadgets to track the performance and condition of their body.


Many people love to wear watches, but just for the sake of fashion or for seeing the time. A smartwatch can do much more than just telling you the time. Smartwatches can connect to your smartphones and you can even ring your phone from your watch in case it is lost.

For example, the Apple Watch can help you in navigating from one place to another. The Apple smartwatch can deliver vibrations to your wrist guiding you to take a left/right turn. Many smartwatches are embedded with a fitness tracker and are multi-functional.

You can view your notifications on the smartwatch display and can immediately reply to calls and messages. It helps you in staying organised and accessing your phone remotely. Smartwatches come with powerful batteries that can keep you connected with your social media for a long period as compared to smartphones.

Photography/Videography Gadgets

You may be wondering what’s the use of buying a camera when you are not a photographer. Photographers cover various aspects of photography to introduce various elements in photos. Taking good occupational photos will help you in drawing an audience related to your work.

You can invest in cameras, lenses, drawing tablets, monitor calibrators, webcams, etc. to lend a professional touch to your photos and videos. Social media is used not only to share your photos but also to promote brands/businesses.

You can build your reputation and can also promote a brand/business effectively with high-quality videos and photos. You can also invest in a drone that can help you shoot outdoors and can provide you with a higher shooting ground.

Charging Gadgets

Invest in high quality charging gadgets that always cater to your charging needs. You can buy a power bank that can be used in case your phone’s battery dies outdoors. Cableless charges or dash chargers are also preferred by many users nowadays.

Using local and cheap chargers will not provide you with fast charging and will also ruin the battery life of your gadgets. Always try to use original/branded chargers for your devices for maintaining good battery life.

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3G Smartphones

It makes no sense to buy a smartphone that is not 4G-enabled. 3G data and calling packs are costlier than 4G packs and are also outdated. Besides, various major telecom providers are shutting down their 2G/3G services.

If you are looking for a cheap bargain or buying a phone just for the sake of a better camera, restrict yourself and collect funds to buy a better and sustainable smartphone.

VR Equipment

If you are not a VR gamer or into the VR industry, it makes no sense buying expensive VR equipment. You cannot use it besides gaming or simulation and will not add any quality to your competency if you aren’t a gamer.

Memory Cards

Gone are the days when you had to buy a 64 GB/32 GB memory card to store your photos, videos, songs, etc. You can now stream songs online and can even add them to your downloads online. Various smartphones nowadays come with a built-in 32 GB or 64 GB memory.

Various cloud platforms will provide you with unlimited and free storage. You don’t even have to worry about misplacing your photos/videos as they will be stored on the cloud for as long as you like. Devices can get lost, but the data stored on the cloud can be accessed on various devices.

Cable Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have disrupted the market of traditional wired speakers. Wired speakers lack portability and possess the risk of being damaged. You will always have to keep the speaker cable connected to a playing device.

Bluetooth speakers are not only easy to carry but are also durable and long-lasting. Various smartphone companies are also removing earphone jacks in their devices thus Bluetooth is the only option. Besides Bluetooth speakers, you can also invest in buying Bluetooth headsets or air pods.


One should try to buy gadgets according to their need. For example, a photographer should buy gadgets that cater to photography needs. A person who is not into the gaming industry should not invest in expensive gaming equipment.

Buying gadgets that you won’t use or don’t know to use will not lead you anywhere. If you are in your 20s, invest in equipment that can help you enhance your skills or occupational value. One can also get online loans quickly via Stashfin for buying various gadgets of one’s preference.

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