EPFO KYC – How to Update KYC for EPF UAN Portal Online?

The government of India now makes it compulsory for the Indian citizens to update their EPF account with Aadhar card and pan card, aka, KYC documents. Therefore, EPFO made it quick and easy for people who want to link their KYC documents with the EPF account.


Updating your KYC details with the EPF account will also help in getting a range of benefits from the EPF account.

How to update EPFO KYC – Online Portal?

It is straightforward and quick to update your KYC details in the EPF account. You only have to get logged in to the portal. Furthermore, you can follow the steps I have given for completing the rest of the process.

update EPFO KYC

  • Now, you need to find the KYC option under the manage section of your account.

update EPFO KYC

  • The KYC updating form will be open. You now need to fill in your number, pan card, and other required documents in detail to get the verification done.

update EPFO KYC

  • Tick on the box of updation and also add your bank details along with the document and IFSC code.
  • Once you made the changes, the saved changes will be saved under the pending KYC option under the account.
  • In case, if you do not want to update your KYC details in your EPF account, then you can cancel this process anytime within 24 hours of processing the KYC application.
  • The KYC updated will be marked verified from the EPFO department after the verification. This process can take up to 2-3 days.
  • Once the KYC is updated, you will now have full access to your account.

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Process of Embedding KYC Details in EPF UAN

  • Once the employer gets verified and found the legitimate matching details in the website. They now have to digitally attest the documents.
  • Once the document gets approved, the authority will re-verify to find out any mismatches in the uploading of any document.
  • If due to any reason, the documents do not get approved. One can always contact EPFO’s helpline – 1800 118 005 -or mail them at uanepf@epfindia.gov.in.
  • Once it gets done, raise a complaint. The process will become faster, and the KYC details will get updated in the system in no time.

Key Points

  • While filling in the application form online or offline, one needs to check it twice for any mistakes or discrepancies for the details you have entered from your documents such as aadhar card or pan card.
  • It will take 2-3 days to update your documents. However, it requires approval, though.

Updating Contact Details in your Account:

You can not only update your KYC details through your EPF account but also your contact details as well. I am adding up this process in this article to make sure the people do not get confused while searching for contact updation in their EPF account.

  • First, log in to your EPF account. You need to enter your UAN number and the password for getting logged in.
  • Now, click on contact details under the dropdown menu.
  • Your mobile number and email ID will already be there.
  • You can tick on the update button to change your email ID and mobile number in your account.
  • You need to click on the authorization PIN for completing the update process.
  • Enter the PIN, and your details will automatically get updated in the system.

Benefits of Updating KYC Details.

Once the KYC details are updated in your account, you can avail of the range of benefits, and even I have mentioned some of the benefits below.

  • You can process the online withdrawal.
  • Members also get monthly SMS intimations.
  • TDS of 10% will be levied.

Frequently asked questions

Some questions have been asked to us in the comments section. Therefore, we have decided to answer them all in a single place. Still, if there is anything that we had missed? Feel free to ask us using the comments section below.

Is it mandatory to update KYC details online at the EPFO portal?

No, it is not mandatory to update KYC details online. However, updating KYC details keep your account up to date. You can transfer the funds from your EPF account to another. 

One can also update the KYC by visiting the office.

Is there any need to upload the documents?

No, there is no need to upload any document to the EPFO portal. You only have to enter the document number and the name mentioned in the document.

How long does it take to approve my KYC account?

It takes around three to five working days for EPFO to review and approve your documents.

Do I have to visit the UAN portal for checking the status of KYC documents?

There is no need to visit the UAN portal everything for checking the status of KYC documents. You will get an update on your registered mobile number once the KYC documents get processed.

Whom should I contact for any queries regarding the EPFO portal?

You can contact the EPFO department on 1800 118 005. For Technical support, you can contact them at dd.caiu@epfinida.gov.in.

How to upload KYC documents at the EPFO portal?

You can quickly upload the documents by visiting the official website of EPFO. You only have to get logged in to the portal and update the KYC details.

Furthermore, one can even check out the detailed process we have added above in this article.

How to update contact details?

There is nothing difficult in it. You only have to get logged in to the portal, and under the profile section, you can update your records.

Furthermore, one can even check out the detailed process we have added above in this article.


I already have mentioned earlier that the government of India made it compulsory for the senior citizens and employees working under the company to update KYC details in their EPF account for availing of the extra benefits. Therefore, I have added the process for KYC updation in this article. You can ask us in the comments section if there is anything that is not understandable.

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