Lost Your Indian Passport in India? Here’s What You Need to Do

Losing your Indian passport within the country can be a distressing experience, especially when considering the potential complications and security concerns involved. However, understanding the precise steps to take can help alleviate the stress and expedite the process of obtaining a new passport.

This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with a clear roadmap on what to do if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of losing your Indian passport in India.

what to do if you lose your indian passport in india

Immediate steps to follow:

1. Immediately File a Police Report

The first step after realizing you’ve lost your passport is to file a First Information Report (FIR) at the nearest police station. This not only establishes an official record of the loss but also prevents the misuse of your lost passport for any illegal activities.

2. Inform the Passport Office and Embassy

Contact the nearest Passport Office or the Indian Embassy/Consulate immediately to report the loss. Providing them with the details of your lost passport, including the passport number, date, and place of issue, is essential in expediting the process of obtaining a new one.

3. Complete the Lost Passport Application

Fill out the Lost Passport Application Form (LPA-1), available on the official website that is Passport Seva. Provide accurate details about the circumstances surrounding the loss and any additional relevant information to facilitate the processing of your new passport.

4. Gather Necessary Documents

Prepare the required documents, including address proof, proof of identity, a copy of the police report, and any additional documents requested by the authorities. Ensuring all necessary documentation is in order can significantly expedite the application process.

5. Obtain an Affidavit

Get an affidavit attesting to the loss of your passport from a notary public or an executive magistrate. This legal document serves as a sworn statement regarding the circumstances of the loss and is a vital component in the process of obtaining a new passport.

6. Apply for a Reissue

Visit the closest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or the official website that is Passport Seva to apply for a reissue of your lost passport. Follow the instructions carefully and submit all the necessary documents to ensure a smooth and efficient application process.

7. Follow Up Regularly

Keep track of the status of your application through the official Passport Seva website. Regularly follow up with the Passport Office or the concerned authorities to ensure that your application is being processed in a timely manner.

8. Exercise Caution and Vigilance

While waiting for your new passport, exercise caution and vigilance to prevent any potential misuse of your lost passport. Be wary of any fraudulent activities that may attempt to exploit your situation and report any suspicious incidents to the authorities immediately.

Additional steps to follow

1. Inform Your Consulate or Embassy Abroad

If you are traveling and lose your passport, immediately contact the nearest Indian consulate or embassy for assistance.

2. Apply for an Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR) Status

Verify whether your lost passport had the ECNR status, especially if you are planning to travel abroad for employment or education.

3. Consider the Tatkal Passport Option

If you have urgent travel plans or require an expedited passport issuance, consider applying for a Tatkal passport.

4. Update Authorities on Passport Recovery

In the event that your lost passport is recovered after you’ve already applied for a new one, promptly inform the Passport Office or the concerned authorities handling your application.

5. Safeguard Your New Passport

Once you receive your new passport, take necessary precautions to safeguard it. Make multiple copies of the passport and store them in secure locations.

6. Be Aware of Scams and Fraudulent Activities

Exercise caution and vigilance to protect yourself from fraudulent activities related to passport issuance.

7. Understand the Importance of Document Security

Reflect on the significance of document security and the need to handle passports and other essential documents with care.

FAQs on losing an Indian passport in India

1. Is it possible to travel without the original Indian passport if it’s lost?

It is not advisable to travel without your original passport. However, in emergency situations, you can reach out to the nearest Indian consulate or embassy to obtain a temporary travel document that can facilitate your return to India.

2. How long does it generally take to obtain a new Indian passport after reporting its loss?

The time required for obtaining a new Indian passport after reporting a loss can vary depending on factors such as the completeness of your application, the verification process, and the workload at the Passport Office. Regularly following up with the authorities can help expedite the process.

3. Do I need to reapply for an Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR) status if my passport is lost?

Yes, it is important to ensure that your new passport maintains the same ECNR status, particularly if you plan to travel abroad for employment or education. This status can significantly impact your international travel requirements.

4. Can the process of obtaining a new Indian passport be expedited if I have urgent travel plans?

Yes, you can opt for a Tatkal passport, which involves an additional fee for expediting the application. Opting for the Tatkal option can speed up the issuance of your new passport, provided all necessary documentation is in order.

5. How can I ensure the security of my new passport after receiving it?

After obtaining your new passport, it is crucial to create multiple copies and store them in secure locations. Additionally, maintaining document security and investing in a secure travel document holder or a passport case can minimize the risk of future loss or theft.

6. What measures can I take to avoid potential fraudulent activities during the passport application process?

Remain vigilant and cautious during the application process, especially when dealing with individuals or agencies promising expedited passport issuance for exorbitant fees. Report any suspicious activities to the authorities immediately to prevent potential exploitation of your situation.

These FAQs aim to provide guidance and clarity on common concerns individuals may have when dealing with the loss of their Indian passport within India.


Experiencing the loss of your Indian passport in India can be overwhelming, but following the outlined steps and additional precautions can significantly streamline the process of obtaining a new one. By promptly reporting the loss, providing accurate information, and remaining vigilant during the application process, you can minimize potential disruptions to your travel plans and ensure a smooth transition back to having a valid passport.

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