Why Choose Private Residence Clubs? (Informative)

A private residence club is the best of both worlds for those who want to be homeowners, but want the comforts of life around them. Amenities and luxury living are the key reasons people choose private residence clubs. That and, they’re private. Find out more about private residence clubs here, and get a sneak peek at life behind the gates of private membership and luxury homeownership.

What are Private Residence Clubs?

These are usually clubs that are found in popular vacation destinations, such as Manhattan or Florida. One club on the Upper East Side in New York, for example, is called Fasano Fifth Avenue, and offers exclusive homeownership with amenities that include a private bar and restaurant service, and a master bedroom floor that offers unobstructed views of Central Park.

Choose Private Residence Clubs

Another in Florida is called Fiddler’s Creek, Aubrey Ferrao has developed this one to where it is ranked in the top private clubs in America for eight years in a row. Among its many amenities, Fiddler’s Creek offers an elite golf course that has been designed specifically for this land.

Are Private Residence Clubs for Vacations Only?

No, they aren’t, but a lot of homeowners use them for that.

In some cases, private residence clubs function strictly as vacation homes without the hassle of maintenance. The club does all the work for the owner while the owner comes and goes for specific lengths of time, and they are often move-in ready. At Palazzo Ricci in Italy, owners can live there for a minimum of five and a half weeks annually.

Others function as luxury home developments, with all the amenities of a resort or hotel. Fiddler’s Creek Aubrey Ferrao for example offers the best of both worlds. Located in Naples, Florida, Fiddler’s Creek offers a 54,000 square foot Club and Spa for members in addition to their homeownership.

Members at private residence clubs across the world like them because they can own a home, but don’t need to hire the maintenance for it. It’s a luxury vacation without having to really plan one because that is what you are paying for when you buy a home there.

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