Bank of Baroda Current Account- Types

Bank of Baroda is one of the leading public sector banks in India. It has over 132 million customers and more branches to provide quality services to its customers. Likewise, in the savings account, recent stats show that people are turning more towards the current account than a savings bank account.

The current bank account is for businesses, firms, and small business owners. In this article, we will learn all the details we need to know about Bank of Baroda’s Current Account, its benefits, and all other information.

Let’s not waste time and come to the information!

Current Bank Account (Meaning)

In simple words, a current bank account refers to a deposit account meant for people who want to make regular transactions larger in numbers. Such a bank account is widely used by professionals and business owners and requires a specific number of documents to get it opened with any bank.

To be precise, most banks offer the account opening of the current bank account. They all need documents to verify the sole ownership of the businesses, which might also include your GST number.

Additionally, the current account facilitates the draft facility to its specific customers, while the unlimited number of transactions was one of its sole benefits.

BOB Current Account

As mentioned earlier, a current bank account refers to the deposit bank account that provides unlimited transactions to the sole business owners and overdraft facilities. To be precise, multiple banks offer their current bank accounts to their customers.

But as per our experience, we have found the BOB current account most suitable and easy to manage. It is due to the minimum balance requirement and crazy banking services.

Types of Bank of Baroda Current Account

Not only one, but BOB offers multiple variants of current bank accounts to its customers. Let me list each of the current accounts with its benefits.

#1 BPCA (Baroda Premium Current Account)

To avoid charges, you must maintain a minimum quarterly average balance of Rs 75000. You can open this bank account with the help of any bank person or nearest branch.


  1. Rs 50,000 free cash deposit per day.
  2. Unlimited cheque books and debit cards are free for the first year.

#2 BSBCA (Baroda Small Business Current Account)

This account comes with a low minimum balance requirement and is specially designed for small business owners who do not need to make unlimited banking transactions. You are required to maintain a Rs 2500 average quarterly balance to avoid charges.


  1. There is no upper limit on cash withdrawals.
  2. Free digital transactions.
  3. Free bank account statement once a month.

#3 BACA (Baroda Advantage Current Account)

This bank account is suitable for small to medium business owners as it comes with a minimum quarterly balance requirement of Rs 10,000.


  1. Free debit card and 50 cheques leave for the first year.
  2. A free cash deposit of up to Rs 50,000 a day.


Here we come to an end. These are not only the account options provided by the Bank of Baroda. But to suggest to our readers the best, we have added only three popular current bank account variants of Bank of Baroda

In case of any doubts, feel free to reach us in the comments.

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