Current Liabilities Definition, Importance and Formula with Example

The current liability is said to be like the process which is need to get repaid that exist within the fixed time frame or during next year. It means that the more extended period will get considered. You can define the liability in two ways. In the first case, you can say that all the liabilities for business can get settled in the cash format and it exists within the fiscal year for the company or even operating cycle or is considered the longest time. The next case is where the business liabilities are seen to get settled with the help of assets or even you can go for the new liabilities.

The Objective of Current Liabilities:

The aim of the current liabilities are many, but the main objective of it is mentioned below.

  • If you take a look at the most common current liabilities, then it includes all the notes, payable accounts, payable taxes along with accrued wages and income that are unearned. By this, it means that any payable is said to require all payment in full as well as exist within the current accounting period. Apart from that all, you can say that all terms are said to be extended beyond for the next 12 months, and it is not taken for short-term liabilities consideration.
  • The payments that are made are said to be the long-term debt which exists in the current period. All the loans are meant to be not get settled to be given for the current period. You can see that all these debts are going to be given in the coming 12 months.
  • All the unearned income comes under current liability. It is because with the amount that is present with them is from customer. All kinds of amount that is received for all goods or even services which are said to be not provided. To make it simple for you, it can be said that you can pay to customer and who all gave us all the cash.

After giving out the money, now the customer will wait for the company to provide them with some excellent service and goods in return. All these free accounts are declared as the current debts, and all these can be settled within the year. You can say that it is considered that it acts as the long-term management, which expects some long 12 months, which helps in providing services for the customers.

Importance of Current Liabilities:

There are many people who all go for the liabilities, but still; they don’t have much idea about these at all. To make you understand how these current liabilities play an essential role, you can get all the information here. You can see that when anyone says about current liabilities, then the short-term financial obligations are said to be given that to within the one year or even one current operating cycle or the period which is longer. You can see that all the typical current liabilities are said to be included in expenses which include wages, interest payments, taxes and not yet paid, and it accounts are payable short-term notes, revenues and cash dividends. All are collected in advance before the actual delivery or services.

Let you take investors, creditors, economists and other members of all financial community that comes regarding the current business liabilities. All these things are said to be like an essential indicator of overall fiscal health. You can see that all financial symbol is associated with liabilities, and it is often studied in the form of working capital.

If you don’t know what do you mean by the working capital then you must understand that it is all about the total difference that exists between the business’s total current liabilities along with its total existing assets. So, with all these things that are mentioned above here, it shows that how much it can be necessary for the people who all take current liabilities to consideration in their businesses.


The Formula for Calculating Such Liabilities:

In current liabilities, they are like the line items of the balance sheet, which are said to be very much liable for the company that exists within the one-year time frame. So when you are getting involved in the current liabilities formula, then it is represented by the sum of all current liabilities of the company. Then the current liabilities of the company are said to be notes that are payable, expenses, payable accounts and other debt for short duration. You can represent the formula mathematically by:

Current liabilities = payable notes + payable accounts + expenses+ short duration debt

+ revenue from unearned + long term debt + liabilities examples

If you can’t understand much about the formula and how to apply them in real life, then you can understand about it by going through the example.

To start with it, you need to take the current liabilities of a particular company. So for that, you need all the values for that are required for different line items for the company as well as you need to go for the summation of total current liabilities about the company. You need to take the data and put them all in the right place in formula.

After that, you need to start to do the calculation of all current liabilities formula. When you get the answer, it means that it will show you that it comes under the particular business cycle. It means that all the current liabilities are said to be getting attached to the trading securities of the company. If you consider that, then it can be said that current liabilities are looked like the existing assets always.


If you take a look at the above article, then you can know that how important is going for the current liabilities. In here, you can get all the essential information along with a well-explained example for you by which you can get a good idea about all these things simply.

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