How to Use a YES Bank ATM

You’re at the mall, and you need some cash. So you walk up to the nearest ATM and start to type in your PIN. But wait—before you can finish, the machine asks for your phone number. What do you do?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a trick question. If you’re using a YES Bank ATM, just type in your phone number and the machine will send you a One-Time Password (OTP) to your phone. This OTP will allow you to complete your transaction.

If you don’t have a YES Bank account, you can still use our ATMs by following these simple steps: select ‘Other Bank’ from the main menu, enter your ATM card number and PIN, select the account you want to access, and finally enter the amount you want to withdraw.

So next time you’re at the mall and need some cash, remember that YES Bank has you covered.

How to Find a YES Bank ATM

So you’ve decided to withdraw some cash from your account—smart move! But where do you find a YES Bank ATM?

The good news is that there are plenty of them around you. You can just type “yes bank atm” into your search engine and it will give you a list of locations.

Once you’ve located the nearest ATM, just follow these simple steps to use it:

  1. Swipe your card and enter your PIN
  2. Choose that account you want to withdraw from
  3. Enter that particular amount you want to withdraw
  4. Choose your preferred currency
  5. Review your transaction and hit “Submit”

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How to Use a YES Bank ATM

You’ve just withdrawn some cash from your account, and now you need to put that money back in. But you’re not sure how to use the YES Bank ATM. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

First, find the insert for your bank card. No doubt, it should be at the bottom of the machine. Then, enter your PIN and select ‘Withdrawal.’ Choose the account you want to withdraw from and the amount you want to withdraw.

After that, slide your bank card into the machine and wait for it to process. The money will be dispensed from the top of the machine. Be sure to take all of your money, as the ATM will not return any excess cash.

And that’s it! You’re now a pro at using YES Bank ATMs.

What Services Are Available at YES Bank ATMs?

When you’re looking for an ATM, YES Bank is a great option. They offer a wide range of services, so you can do just about anything you need to do with your money.

For example, you can withdraw cash, deposit checks, and even transfer money between accounts. And if you need to talk to someone about your account, you can easily do that too. Just look for the customer service phone number on the back of your card and give them a call.

What Should You Do if You Have Trouble Using a YES Bank ATM?

Let’s say you’re in a hurry and you need to withdraw some cash from your account. So you go to a YES Bank ATM, but for some reason, you can’t seem to get it to work. What should you do?

First, don’t panic. There are a few things you can try before you give up and go to another bank’s ATM. The first thing is to make sure that you’re using the right card. If it’s an ATM card, make sure the card is inserted properly into the slot.

If that doesn’t work, try re-entering your PIN number. Sometimes the machine will accept the PIN number but won’t complete the transaction, so you’ll have to try again. And if all else fails, call customer service and they’ll help you out.

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How to Report a Problem With a YES Bank ATM

If you experience any problems with your YES Bank ATM, please report it immediately. You can do this in a few ways very easily:

  • Call their customer care centre
  • Visit any of their branches and speak to a customer service representative.

They will appreciate your feedback and will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


So you’ve got yourself a shiny new YES Bank ATM card and you’re looking to make the most of it. Here’s how:

– Swipe your card and enter your PIN to access your account.

– Select that account you want to withdraw money from next.

– Choose the amount you want to withdraw and confirm.

– Collect your cash and off you go!

Making withdrawals from a YES Bank ATM is easy and convenient – so why not give it a try? Try today Yes Bank’s ATM and see how this will be beneficial for you.

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