IndusInd Platinum Review, Benefits, Features and Eligible Criteria

The IndusInd Platinum Credit Card is a premium credit card that offers a range of benefits and privileges to enhance your lifestyle. With attractive rewards, exclusive offers, and convenient features, this card is designed to cater to your financial needs and provide a luxurious experience.

Key features of the IndusInd Platinum Credit Card:

1. Welcome benefits: As a new cardholder, you can enjoy exciting welcome benefits such as reward points, vouchers, or other special offers. These benefits may vary and are subject to terms and conditions.

2. Reward points: Earn reward points on your card spends and redeem them for a wide range of options, including merchandise, gift vouchers, air miles, and more. The earn rate and redemption options may vary based on your card usage and the specific terms and conditions of the rewards program.

3. Fuel surcharge waiver: Get a waiver on fuel surcharges when you use your IndusInd Platinum Credit Card to make fuel purchases at designated fuel stations. The surcharge waiver may be subject to a maximum limit per statement cycle.

4. Travel benefits: Enjoy complimentary airport lounge access at select domestic and international airports. This feature allows you to relax and unwind in luxurious airport lounges before your flight.

5. Insurance coverage: IndusInd Platinum Credit Cardholders may receive complimentary insurance coverage, such as air accident insurance, purchase protection, and lost card liability insurance. The coverage and terms may vary, so it’s essential to review the specific insurance policy details.

6. Concierge services: Access personalized concierge services that can assist you with various tasks, such as travel bookings, dining reservations, event tickets, and more. The concierge services may be available 24/7 for your convenience.

7. Contactless payments: The IndusInd Platinum Credit Card is equipped with contactless payment technology, allowing you to make quick and secure transactions by simply tapping your card on a contactless-enabled payment terminal.

8. Easy EMI conversion: Convert your high-value purchases into convenient monthly installments with the Easy EMI facility offered by IndusInd Bank. This feature allows you to manage your expenses and repayments more effectively.

Please note that the specific terms and conditions, fees, and eligibility criteria may apply to the IndusInd Platinum Credit Card. It is recommended to refer to the official website or contact IndusInd Bank directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the card’s features and benefits.

Benefits of IndusInd Platinum

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Take advantage of the exclusive benefits offered by the IndusInd Bank Credit Card. Enjoy a range of discount vouchers from various brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Zee5, Apollo Pharmacy, Uber, Ola, and more. Please note that the featured brands may change at the discretion of the Bank & Vouchagram. Additionally, the welcome gift is applicable only on select fee plans.

With the IndusInd Bank Credit Card, you have an abundance of options to choose from. Benefit from discount vouchers from a variety of brands, including Pantaloons, Bata, Raymond, Charles and Keith, Hush Puppies, and many others. Please be aware that the listed brands are subject to change at the discretion of the Bank & Vouchagram.

Indulge in the luxury and convenience provided by our offerings.

Travel Insurance Cover Details

IndusInd Bank has partnered with The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. to offer comprehensive travel insurance coverage to cardholders. Under this program, you can enjoy the following insurance benefits:

– Lost baggage coverage: Up to INR 1,00,000.
– Delayed baggage coverage: Up to INR 25,000.
– Loss of passport coverage: Up to INR 50,000.
– Lost ticket coverage: Up to INR 25,000.
– Missed connection coverage: Up to INR 25,000.

With this travel insurance, you can have peace of mind during your trips, knowing that you are protected against potential travel-related risks and losses.

Platinum Freedom

Experience the freedom from surcharges on petrol at petrol pumps throughout India. With our credit card, you can enjoy a waiver* of 1% on fuel surcharges at any petrol pump in the country.

Value Offering:

Petrol Surcharge Waiver Monthly Savings Annual Savings
Assuming monthly fuel usage of INR 8000 INR 80 INR 960

Please note that the information provided in the value offering is based on certain assumptions and is for illustrative purposes only. The actual savings will depend on the individual cardholder’s usage pattern.

Make the most of your fuel expenses and enjoy the convenience of surcharge waivers with our credit card.

Platinum Assurance

Introducing Total Protect, a revolutionary program that provides comprehensive coverage and protection for your credit card. With Total Protect, you no longer need to worry about fraudulent usage or unauthorized transactions on your card. Here’s what Total Protect offers:

1. Coverage for unauthorized transactions in case of loss/theft of card: If your card is lost or stolen, Total Protect provides insurance coverage for any unauthorized transactions made up to 48 hours prior to reporting the loss to IndusInd Bank.

2. Protection against counterfeit fraud: In the unfortunate event that your card or card details are stolen and used to produce counterfeit plastic, Total Protect offers insurance coverage to safeguard you from such fraudulent incidents.

Additionally, with the IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card, you also receive a complimentary personal air accident insurance cover of up to INR 25 lakh. This coverage provides financial protection in the event of an air accident.

With the comprehensive coverage and support provided by IndusInd Bank Credit Card Services, you can leave your worries behind and enjoy peace of mind. Trust us to have your back and live your life with ease. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey with us!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How can I avail the benefits of the Luxe Gift Card?
To avail the benefits of the Luxe Gift Card, you can visit any of the participating luxury and premium brand stores mentioned in our offering. Simply present your Luxe Gift Card during the transaction to enjoy the indulgences.

2. How do I make a reservation at one of the intimate luxury hotels?
To make a reservation at one of our intimate luxury hotels, please contact us at the provided phone number (+91 7999555222). Our dedicated team will assist you in booking your desired accommodation.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for the IndusInd Bank Credit Card?
The eligibility criteria for the IndusInd Bank Credit Card may vary. It is best to visit your nearest IndusInd Bank branch or their official website to inquire about the specific requirements and application process.

4. How do I report a lost or stolen credit card?
In case of a lost or stolen credit card, it is crucial to immediately report it to IndusInd Bank. You can contact their customer service helpline or visit their branch to report the incident. They will guide you through the necessary steps to protect your card and prevent any unauthorized usage.


IndusInd Bank offers a range of exclusive benefits and services to enhance your lifestyle. From the commitment to excellence embodied by Montblanc to the indulgences provided by the Luxe Gift Card, you can experience luxury, craftsmanship, and convenience. With travel insurance coverage, protection against fraudulent transactions, and complimentary air accident insurance, your financial security is prioritized. Choose IndusInd Bank and enjoy a world of privileges and peace of mind.

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