List Of Largest Private Sector Banks in India

Private banks are providing excellent banking services. The main reason for people getting attracted is the modern facilities offered by the Private Bank Sectors. In India, many private banks provide almost the same services as the other Private bank. So, It is difficult for a customer to choose the best one. 

No worries, RBI has conducted a list of Top Private banks in India, and we have assigned the same as per their rank in our country.

List of Top 10 Private Banks in India:


  1. HDFC Bank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. Axis
  4. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  5. YES Bank
  6. Federal Bank
  7. Induslnd Bank
  8. RBL Bank
  9. Karur Vysya Bank
  10. Bandhan Bank

#1 HDFC Bank:

Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) Established in 1994. The Headquarters of HDFC Bank located at Mumbai, Maharastra. According to the research conducted by RBI. HDFC currently ranks number in the Private Banking Sector. 

The services HDFC Bank do provide to their account holders are Credit card, Loans, savings/current accounts.

#2 ICICI Bank: 

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI Bank) one of the most trustworthy banks in India. It is multinational Bank and also an Indian Financial service. It Provides the privilege of banking access to its account holders. From opening an account to the Insurance policy, all things covered by ICICI bank

#3 Axis Bank:

Axis Bank is one of the best national & international banks if we ever talked about the private banks. Most of the wealthiest persons get there account opened here. Axis Bank was founded in 1993 and the headquarters located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. Additionally, Axis bank has more than 2900+ Branches in India and 12000+ ATM across the country.

#4 Kotak Mahindra Bank:

Heading over to the list of Top Private banks. Kotak Mahindra Bank ranked #4 according to the report conducted by RBI. Kotak Mahindra Bank has more than 1300+ Bank Branches across the country. Also, Kotak Mahindra Bank expertise in offering Privileged banking, NRI Banking services to its customers.

#5 YES Bank:

Yes bank was founded in 2004 and the headquarters located in Mumbai. Yes Bank has quite taken its place in the private banking sector by offering valuable services to its customers. YES Bank is also honored by the RBI for Greenfield bank license.

#6 Federal Bank:

The federal bank was started in 1947 by K.P. Hormis. It has branches across all over the country. Not only in India Federal bank is also deals internationally as well. The main headquarter of Federal Bank in India located at Kerala. In 24 States, It has more than 1200+ Branches.

#7 Indusland Bank:

Currently, Indusind Bank is ranking at 7th Position according to the Report of RBI but, It is one of the best banks in the Private sector. It deals with insurance, cards, loans, deposits, etc. Indusind Banks is also famous for providing low-interest two-wheeler loans at the instant.

#8 RBL Bank:

RBL was all set to provide better services in India in 1943. RBL Bank is one of the most rapidly growing banks, and it is still taking its place in the private banking sectors of India. RBL bank provides services to more than 2 million people across our country.

#9 Karur Vysya Bank:

In 1916, Karur Vysya Bank was founded by Athi Krishna Chettiar. Karur Vysya Bank has more than 500+ Branches, and 7500+ Employees are working across the country. The main headquarters of Karur Vysya bank is located at Tamil Nadu. Karur Vysya bank expertise in providing corporate and retail banking services.

#10 Bandhan Bank:

Bandhan Bank is one of the first banks in India Established Independence. Bandhan Bank specializes in providing the all-day need banking services to its account holders. Including all the modern facilities offered by the other private sector banks.


While the top list of Private banks of India ends here. The challenging part is selecting the best one for your day to day need banking. However, RBI did almost all the work to research and rank the bank of Private sectors accordingly.

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