SBI New ATM Pin Generate-How to Generate SBI ATM Debit Card PIN?

Back in the day, the bank used to send debit or credit card PIN by mail where the number was hidden in the scratch-off panels. However now the green PINs have replaced the need of sending emails and the traditional ways for generating the PIN.  Not just the modern method is much easier and convenient, but also it’s hassle-free too. You can change your Pin on your own and anywhere without waiting for anything.

What is green PIN?

The bank eliminates the requirements of any kind of difficult situation or complete process between the generating Pin. Due to that Green pin was introduced as a paperless debit card Pin generation. It also took their initiative for saving the papers and making it much simpler for the account holders as well as the employees.

Here is how you can generate your SBI ATM debit card PIN at ATM

The bank has offered four major options in generating the PIN. You can either do it by visiting the ATM, sending SMS, calling the customer acre and the last one is using the net banking. There are a few things that you need to do before you generate the PIN. Your phone number is an important part of the complete process. You must register it and keep it with yourself. The bank sends the OTP or the green Pin on your number.

  • Use your Debit card and find the nearest ATM for swiping it
  • Select the option PIN generation
  • You need to enter 11-digit account numbers of yours and continue by confirming it
  • Now enter the phone number you registered with the bank
  • You will get a message after you confirm the phone number saying your green PIN will be delivered to your registered number shortly
  • You successfully generated the PIN, click on confirmation to complete the process 

Well the OTP you get on your phone will be your Green Pin. To continue, you need to remove and insert the SBI card one more time. Now you need to generate the PIN by using the green PIN

  • Insert the ATM card
  • Choose the banking
  • Now select the language you prefer, here you get English, Hindi or language based on the regional
  • To the next screen, you need to enter the OTP you received on your phone
  • Now choose the PIN change that you will find in select transaction menu
  • Well, enter the four-digit number. Now confirm it
  • Once you are done, you will get the confirmation of pin changed successfully

What are the other ways?

Well, not just by the ATM, you can also generate your PIN by other different options. You can do it by SMS as well. You need to send SMS PIN ABCD EFGH (where ABCD is shown as your debit card’s last four-digit number, and EFGH is the last bank number of your debit card). Send this to the 567676, make sure you use your registered number for this. You can also change the PIN by calling customer care and internet banking as well.


Sometimes, we do forget our valuable things and when we are talking about the essential stuff then what can be more critical than your ATM card PIN? Occasionally, we don’t carry cash with us, and it is always necessary to remember the correct ATM pin for any digital transaction. However, if you are a customer of SBI bank and forget your ATM PIN then don’t worry, we have added the detailed procedure for getting your ATM PIN recover.

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