SBI Salary and Pension Slips Download Online in your Mobile

The new innovative by the state bank of India for the employees. The modern human resource management is released. This portal is all made to provide access to the employees so. They can have a check on salary slips, pension slips and many other account-related pieces of information on their fingertips.

HRMS (human resource management system) is the same as internet banking, but the fact is, Internet banking is for the customers, and the HRMS is for the employees working there.


Salient Features of SBI HRMS:

  • You can generate your salary slips every month.
  • You can generate your pension slips every month if retired.
  • You can have access to the employee portal.
  • You can request for the vacation.
  • You can request for the leave.
  • You can ask for the nominee change of your PF account.
  • Loan status of your pending applied loan.

Let’s come to the central part, which is how we can generate SBI salary and pension slips using this portal.

First, Let’s have a look at the login part.

SBI HRMS Login Steps:

It is quite simple if you do have access to your login ID and password. Usually, the login and password are shared with you on the date of your joining in the branch. If the login and password are not with you first, need to contact the regional office of SBI for the same. In case, you do have all the required information you can continue by below steps.


  • First, you need to visit this link:
  • Second, you need to enter your login id and password on the same page.
  • Once entered, click on submit.
  • On the next screen, you will be logged in into your HRMS panel.

How to Generate SBI Salary and Pension Slips using HRMS?

You are now logged in into your SBI HRMS panel. The only thing you need to do is follow the below-given steps.


  • You are already logged in into your HRMS panel.
  • On the right side of the top page corner, you will find the option for salary and pension slips.
  • Go through the screen.
  • Generate the salary or pension slip and download it by using right click> download.
  • That’s it.


This is because SBI is one of the leadest banks in the government banking sector. The increasing number of employees are tough to handle but, with the help of new HRMS (Human resource management system), It is now easy to handle every employee work, salary and any other thing. HRMS is not only useful for the employees but the administration system of SBI as well.


SBI is all set to offer the new leading service for its employees. We do know that SBI HRMS panel is the same as internet banking, but the fact is, Internet banking is available for the customers of the bank, and the HRMS panel is available for employees. You can use this panel from checking the status of your loan to downloading your salary or pension slips.

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