Top 5 Best Trading Apps in India 2024

In the contemporary financial landscape, trading has become a popular way to generate side income in India, facilitated by a range of mobile applications. Since the pandemic in 2020, these apps have transformed stock trading, making it accessible for both novices and experts with features like real-time market data and advanced charting tools. This guide explores the best trading apps in India, highlighting their user-friendliness, security, and customer support, to help you choose the right platform for your investment needs. Whether you’re starting with a small capital or looking to enhance your trading strategies, these apps provide a comprehensive toolkit for buying and selling shares effectively.

Top Trading Apps of 2024: Detailed Analysis of Features, Specialties, Advantages, and Disadvantages

1. Zerodha Kite

Zerodha, commanding nearly 15% of India’s retail trading volumes with over one crore active clients, excels with its robust technology. Its flagship Zerodha Kite platform features advanced charting tools, multiple order types, and fast execution, making it ideal for both new and experienced traders. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities, Zerodha Kite is a top choice for traders of all skill levels.


  • Comprehensive Stock Access: Rapid buying and selling of a wide array of local and international stocks.

  • Advanced Trading Tools: Includes real-time market data streaming, advanced charting with over 100 indicators, and innovative order placement features like the “sticky order window.”

  • Integrated Financial Services: Allows the creation of a 3-in-1 account linking demat, trading, and banking services with IDFC First Bank.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Simplistic and sophisticated user interface with features like one-click trading, price alerts, and personalised watch lists.


  • Comprehensive Trading Features: Offers superfast trading of a wide range of local and international stocks, complemented by a user-friendly interface that simplifies the trading experience.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Provides free online account opening and no software usage charges, making it economically advantageous for users.

  • Advanced Tools and Leverage: Includes specialised platforms like Upstox Pro Web for real-time market monitoring and Upstox MF for investing in mutual funds, along with up to 20x leverage on intraday trading.
Pros Cons
Super fast Stock Transactions Available on both iOS and Android platforms.
Comprehensive Market Access Zero brokerage fees for equity delivery and MFs.
Advanced Trading Tools Beginner-friendly application and interface.
Cost-Efficient Options Suitable for various trading styles.
Integrated Financial Services Supports multiple languages and weak connections.

2. AngelOne

The Angel One trading app is ideal for beginners, featuring a simple, easy-to-use interface and advanced trade analysis tools to help users improve their trading skills. Known for its low-cost brokerage, Angel One offers zero brokerage charges for the first 30 days across intraday, F&O, and commodities, and waives the account maintenance fee in the first year. The platform enables investors to explore diverse investment options such as stocks, IPOs, F&O, commodities, mutual funds, and US stocks.


  • Versatile Trading Options: Enables quick trading across various segments, including stocks, mutual funds, commodities, and forex, complemented by a user-friendly interface.

  • Advanced Research and Advisory: Offers robust research and expert advisory services, including personalised portfolio suggestions and access to comprehensive charts and analytical tools.

  • Customisable Trading Experience: Provides the flexibility to trade both calls and puts options together or separately, with customisable option data settings.

  • Support and Alerts: Features a wide network of branches for offline support and real-time price alert notifications to keep investors informed and engaged.


  • Expert Access and Support: Investors can easily seek expert advice with one click and benefit from strong, systematic customer support.

  • Customised User Experience: Features include customized notification management and the ability to create and navigate a tailored Option Watchlist by index, option type, and expiry date.

  • Cost Efficiency: Offers free advisory tips for stocks and mutual funds, with no charges for NEFT or fund transfers.
Pros Cons
Supports Numerous Languages Complex Fee Structure
Operates on Weak Internet Connections Brokerage Charges May Be High
Extensive Research and Recommendations Not Suitable for Budget-Conscious Investors
Dedicated Relationship Managers Mutual Funds Option Not Available
Access to IPOs and Multiple Trading Platforms Limited Financial Products for Some Investors

3. Upstox

Upstox, known for its user-friendly interface and excellent analytical features, offers affordability and a broad range of investment opportunities, making it an ideal choice for traders and investors. As one of India’s largest trading platforms, Upstox is renowned for its instant investing feature and extensive portfolio of local and international stocks.


  • Instant Investing and Alerts: Offers immediate investment options and customizable real-time price alerts.

  • Comprehensive Trading Tools: Features a robust platform with advanced charting, over 100 technical indicators, and a user-friendly mobile app.

  • Broad Market Access: Provides real-time data and access to derivatives and commodities, supporting informed trading decisions.


  • Cost-Effective Trading: Upstox allows free account opening and waives software fees, enhancing affordability.

  • Enhanced Trading Leverage: Offers up to 20x leverage on intraday trading, boosting potential gains.

  • Comprehensive Trading Tools: Features include the MF Platform for mutual funds, the Pro Web Platform for market tracking, and the Bridge for AmiBroker for strategy execution.
Pros Cons
Advanced Charting and Analysis Tools Charges for Intraday and F&O Trading
Fast and Easy Account Opening Room for Improvement in Customer Support
Access to IPOs and Mutual Funds Cannot Invest in IPOs and FPOs Using the App

4. Groww app

Groww is recognized as a top beginner-friendly trading app in India, offering free Demat account openings and a range of valuable trading analysis tools. The brokerage fees are competitively low, starting at 0.05% of the trade value and capped at a maximum of Rs. 20 across all trading segments, including Equity Delivery, Intraday, and F&O. Additionally, there are no account maintenance fees.


  • Diverse Investments and Advanced Tools: Offers investments in stocks, mutual funds, and more, complemented by tools like live updates and portfolio trackers.

  • Secure and User-Friendly: Features a simple, secure interface with paperless account opening and transaction encryption.

  • Expert Support and Analysis: Provides expert financial guidance, 24/7 customer support, and detailed analytical tools for thorough market analysis.


  • Rapid Growth and Accessibility: Recognized as one of the fastest-growing investment platforms in India, offering a free smartphone trading app.

  • User-Friendly Design: Features a simple design to enhance ease of use for all types of investors.

  • Unified Access: Provides a seamless investment experience with no separate login required for mutual fund investments.

Pros Cons
Single-Click Trading High Charges for Call and Trade
No Account Opening or Maintenance Fees Does Not Support NRI Accounts
User-Friendly App with Investment Tools Limited Offering in Commodities and Derivatives
Expert Research and Market Insights Lacks Advanced Charting and Backtesting Tools

5. 5paisa App

5paisa App, a popular trading application in India, enables trading across the three major exchanges—BSE, NSE, and MCX—making it a versatile choice for investors. As a well-established discount broker, 5Paisa offers trading in mutual funds, stocks, derivatives, and currencies through its user-friendly mobile app and browser platform, known for its transparent and fair pricing model.


  • Diverse Investment Options: Offers a broad range of products including mutual funds, insurance, and US stocks, alongside trading in derivatives and peer-to-peer lending.

  • Low-Cost Trading: Provides zero brokerage on equity delivery and charges as low as ₹10 for certain trades.

  • Advanced and Secure Platform: Equipped with advanced charting tools and a secure mobile platform to protect user data.


  • Low Trading Costs: Offers the lowest charges in the industry, enhancing affordability.

  • Subscription Benefits: Provides three tiers of subscription plans, including up to 100 free trades monthly.

  • Wide Market Access: Supports trading in equity, commodities, and currency across BSE, NSE, and MCX.
Pros Cons
No Commission on Mutual Funds Charges for Intraday and F&O Trading
Low-Cost Trading on Equity Delivery Limited Offline Presence
User-Friendly Interface with Real-Time Data Needs Improvement in Customer Service
Wide Range of Investment Options Lacks Commodity Trading Option

Benefits of Using Trading Apps

  • Accessibility Anywhere: Trade from any location at any time, needing only an internet connection.

  • Real-Time Market Data: Receive instant updates on market data and alerts, enabling timely decisions.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use interfaces suitable for traders of all experience levels.

  • Instant Order Execution: Quickly execute orders to take advantage of market opportunities and reduce slippage.

  • Diverse Asset Classes: Access a variety of assets including stocks, commodities, and forex.

  • Advanced Research Tools: Utilize comprehensive charts and analysis tools for informed trading decisions.
  • Enhanced Security: Strong security measures protect your data and financial assets.

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The best trading apps provide a powerful blend of accessibility, efficiency, and security, making them an essential tool for modern traders. With features like real-time market data, user-friendly interfaces, and instant order execution, these apps enable traders to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively from anywhere at any time. The ability to access a diverse range of asset classes, coupled with advanced research tools, allows for strategic investment and better risk management. Moreover, enhanced security protocols ensure that user data and financial assets are well-protected. As trading evolves in the digital age, these apps stand out by offering both novice and experienced traders the functionality and versatility needed to navigate the markets successfully and optimize their investment outcomes.

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