How to Apply for YES Bank Car Loan? Privileges, Eligibility & Documents

What is YES BANK Car Loan? YES BANK is the perfect way to finance the car of your dreams. Get the best rewards, fantastic discounts and appealing apps for chosen models and up to 100% funding options. YES Bank appreciates the need to own a vehicle in the fast-running life of today and therefore offer new and used car loans tailored to suit your needs.


Why an Individual Need a Car Loan?

  1. You can buy a more reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle, which could be slightly higher than the expected cost.
  2. The purchase of a car loan will guarantee that a long-term credit history grows.
  3. They can use a car loan to purchase new vehicles as well as used cars.
  4. Attractive market-level interest rates.
  5. Longer-term for repayment to reduce the monthly payment.
  6. You can choose from several models with the cumulative loan amount of INR 500 lakhs.
  7. Car loans can be taken by instant loan approvals for different mediums

The Process to Apply for a YES Bank Car Loan:

There are two ways in which car loans can primarily be used with YES BANK — direct visiting branch to submit an application and online application. Existing customers also may be entitled, based on the terms and conditions, to a pre-authorized car loan.

YES Bank eases transactions with an online banking process that can be done at home or in the workplace. To apply online for a car loan, please visit our website, add the required documentation and get the loan immediately. The documentation process can be conveniently done at home or in your office by the bank’s convenient doorstep services. YES Bank EMI tracker can also help you plan the monthly instalments on car loans.

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For a fact, by visiting the nearest branch of YES Bank, you can apply for a car loan. Their professional supervisors provide you with a rigorous documentation process that makes it easier, hassle-free and comfortable to apply for your loan. You can enjoy the loan experience at YES Bank by its leading after-sales support.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants should have at least 21 years and 58 years before the expiration of the term of the loan.
  2. You need to be employers, self-employed people, cooperative companies and income tax appraisal business people.
  3. Eligibility for income is based on the latest slip of wages and Form 16.
  4. Proof of residency is required to show that you live in a house leased, owned by the parent or rented.
  5. YES Bank needs proof of identification, occupation and other information stated in the initial application form to process the application.

Documents Required:

  1. Duly-signed application form
  2. Latest passport-sized photographs
  3. Identity proof – PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport
  4. Salary/Income Proof – 3 months salary slips, statement of bank account, IT return, Form 16
  5. Post-Approval: Credit agreement signed correctly with RTO
  6. Standard Identification cheques (PDCs)/ECS type valid
  7. Pro forma bills from the manufacturer to determine the value of the vehicle

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