How to Check Banglarbhumi Mutation Case Status Online?

Banglabhumi is an online web-based interface for land records and changes propelled by the Government of West Bengal. Any individual can utilize this entry to recover land and property-related data, for example, the name of the proprietor, land region, plot number, the estimation of the property, and furthermore the present proprietor. Banglarbhumi is significantly known as Land and Land Reforms data Checking and looking. West Bengal is the pioneer in land changes in the country. The Banglarbhumi Land and Land Reforms data of 4.30 crores Khatians and 42,042 Mouzas are put away by the division.

Insights regarding the land/property are imperative to a purchaser or the proprietor of the land/property. As an issue of safeguard, if an individual needs to buy any land/property, he should check for the essential subtleties. These subtleties could be as straightforward as – in whose name is the land enrolled or who the present proprietor of the land is. Banglarbhumi gateway gives these subtleties along with the guide of the land for the land/properties situated in West Bengal. It additionally gives help to the business visionaries expecting to set up new enterprises in the state by telling them the foundation accessible at the proposed area. A client can likewise recover the data in connection to his square by simply filling the area and square subtleties.

What is Banglarbhumi?

Banglarbhumi is an online portal for accessing land records and various other property-related information online. It has been introduced by the department of land records in a collaboration with the ministry of West Bengal.

Banglarbhumi Mutation Case Status

It is generally to ease the process of getting the land records online. It means one does not need to visit the government offices to stand in a queue for getting any land document.

The residents of West Bengal can access this portal and can have a copy of their land records online. However, this article is all about checking the mutation status.

Mutation Application through Online Process:

You may check for your Banglarbhumi Mutation Case Status in West Bengal through the online domain as well. A few people say, how to realize what is a change of a property at that point let me instruct you.

The site is transformation, and its connection is, It implies Mutation is the difference in proprietorship when a property is moved or sold starting with one individual then onto the next.


At the point when a property is transformed, at that point the new proprietor gets the property changed to his name in the land and income office, and the administration would now be able to charge property charge from the new proprietor.

Transformation is the procedure to change the title/proprietor of the property, starting with one individual then onto the next when an exchange of property happens. Notwithstanding, the procedure of the transformation can be started just when a property is enlisted. The changing structure is accessible on the Banglarbhumi web-based interface.

The client is required to fill all the vital data accurately to stay away from the dismissal of the application. When the transformation structure with required subtleties is presented, an application reference number will be produced. This application number can be utilized by the client to check the status of the application. Post the enlistment; the client can pay the expense by means of the ‘Online Application Menu’ by tapping on the ‘Charges Payment’ choice.

The client will be required to fill in the solicitation type, application number and continue to choose the ideal installment choice. In case that the client pays the expenses through the ‘online mode’ (platinum card/net banking) at that point, the transformation case number will be enlisted right away. In case the client pays the charges by choosing the ‘counter installment’ choice (disconnected), at that point the client can check the status of his installment and enlistment through the ‘Application-GRN Search’ from the ‘Online Application’ alternative.

Process of Mutation:

The Banglarbhumi gives total data at one spot in regards to the West Bengal Land Reform, plot data, transformation, acts/rules, and some more. Banglarbhumi furnishes the division with such abilities to interface the administration, straightforwardly with the ordinary citizens and the business elites of the state. For further subtleties visit

Of the numerous offices and data which the site gives one such office is to check the Banglarbhumi transformation case status. Quickly portraying the transformation status is the one which incorporates the exchange of possession when the land is being bought or moved from one proprietor to another proprietor.

  • To check the transformation status, you should be signed on
  • Click on the “resident administrations” heading
  • Select the “transformation case status” segment
  • Then two choices will show up. You can check the change case status, either “case astute inquiry” or “deed based search.”

Mutation Status Search by Case Wise / Deed Wise / Location Wise

The citizens of West Bengal can check the mutation status of their property online by following the steps given below.

Banglarbhumi Mutation Case Status

  • After that, select mutation services from the drop-down menu.
  • A new page will now open on the screen. You now have to select from the list of options:
  1. Case Wise.
  2. Deed Wise.
  3. Location Wise.
  • However, we have added all the options process below.

Case Wise:

  • You need to select the correct district name from the list of options.
  • You now have to enter the correct block number or mouza number of the property.
  • After that, fill in the case number on the screen.
  • Last, click on the submit button. The mutation status will now get visible on the screen.

Deed Wise:

  • You need to enter the deed number on the screen.
  • Select the correct deed year from the list of options.
  • Last, click on the submit button, and you will be able to see the banglarbhumi mutation case status of the property using the deed option.

Location Wise:

  • It is a simple process to check the mutation status using the location wise option. You only have to select the correct date along with the registrar’s office name.
  • Enter the correct district name and the record details.
  • Click on the submit button. The banglarbhumi mutation case status will now get visible on the screen.

Importance of Mutation of Land:

Transformation is the difference in title proprietorship, starting with one individual then onto the next when the property is sold or moved. By transforming a property, the new proprietor gets the property recorded on his name in the land income division, and the legislature can charge property charges from the legitimate proprietor. The documentation system and the charge payable fluctuate from state to state. Otherwise called ‘Dakhil Kharij’, change of a property ought to in a perfect world be taken at regular intervals from the income office so as to check for any unfair exchange on the property. In case of legacy after the demise of the proprietor, the property ought to be transformed by submitting duplicates of Death Certificate and relationship reports.

Refreshing of income records ought to be connected in case the property has been purchased through an enrolled Power of Attorney, as it moves the proprietorship from the merchant to the purchaser. In case possession identified with land, change is viewed as a fundamental archive. For instance, if an agrarian land is gained by the legislature and the library of the land is for the sake of individual some time transformation is agreeable to Person B, the administration will discharge the securing assets for Person B, as in the income records he is recorded as the proprietor of the land.

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Documents for Mutation:

  • Sales Deed Copy
  • Application for land mutation with court expense stamp appended on it
  • Affidavit on stamp paper of essential esteem
  • Indemnity bond on stamp paper of imperative esteem
  • Receipt of updated property charge installment

These are the various things to know about the mutation from Banglarbhumi. To have the benefits of the online interface, you should know all the various aspects. This is a great way to check the status of the mutation.

How to Check RS-LR Plot Information?

Sometimes, it is even essential to have this information after checking the banglarbhumi mutation case status of the property. RS-LR stands for Revisional settlement and Land Reform. You can get this document by following the steps given below.

  • First, visit the official government website of Banglarbhumi
  • You now have to click on the Citizen Services Tab.
  • After that, select RS-LR plot information from the drop-down menu.
  • On the next screen, you need to enter the district name, block number, and mouza details of the property.
  • Once done, click on the submit button, and you will get the following options.
  1. Sabek Dag->Hal Dag (LR Plot No.)
  2. Hal Dag->Sabek Dag(RS Plot No.)
  • Select any one and enter the plot information to get the RS-LR plot information document.
  • You can even take a print out of the same for future reference.


Banglarbhumi is a land records portal and the program is initiated by the government of West Bengal. It is generally for getting the land records documents quickly by visiting the website. However, this article is solely related to the Banglarbhumi Mutation case status. In this article, we have added all the information that one needs to know for checking mutation case status online.

For further information or queries? One can always ask us in the comments section.

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