Citibank Credit Card Payment Instantly through Online and Offline

The online bill payment facilities offered by different banks have made it easy for customers to overcome the hassle of bill payment. Gone are the days when customers have to wait for long in the queue for bill payment. Whether it is utility bill payment or credit card bill payment, it can be done easily with online facilities offered by most banks these days. One such is Citibank that allows paying credit card bills online. In addition, the bill payment facility can be availed in offline mode as well. You get to know about bill payment in a timely manner as you are notified about bill payment. This can be done irrespective of time and place, and you can look for the next bill payment dates and dues when availing the facility online. Check steps to Citibank Credit Card Payment online and offline.

Citibank offers both online and offline mode of paying credit card bills. You may wish to make the payment in the offline mode with the help of demand drafts or cheque. You have to submit the same to the nearby Citibank branch. Other than this, there are two other offline modes of credit card bill payment in the offline mode which is mentioned in the following part of the article.

Pay Citibank Credit Card Payment Offline:

Citibank Credit Card Payment

  • Payment through ATM

To clear credit card bills, you can use any Citibank ATM. You have to follow the instruction that is given by the ATM machine. The payment should be done cheque, demand draft method or account transfer from any linked account of Citibank. It takes 2 days for cash payments to show the effect while cheque payment takes almost 7 working days. Other than this, account transfer takes place quickly within minutes. Since ATM service is available for 24×7, you can make the payment through cash or Cheque any time you want in a week. However, this option is suitable for professionals who do not get much time in between banking hours to visit the bank branch and make the payments.

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  • Drop Box

You can make the credit card payment dues by means of cheque and put it in the drop box which is available in a number of places in the country. In the cheque, you should mention your credit card number including other vital details. For any assistance, you should seek help from the nearby bank branch so that you are able to make the payment easily. This mode of payment takes up to 7 days to complete the procedure and show the cash deduction in your account. Until internet banking came into being, this mode was used for making bill payments. So, it is also used nowadays when you just have to drop a demand draft or cheque for paying your credit card bills and drop it in the box.

Online Mode of Credit Card Bill Payment:

The online method of payment is the preferred option by many people whether it is utility bills or credit card payment. This trend has come into being ever since people have come to know about the benefits of internet banking including mobile banking. It is easy and convenient for users, and much opted option among others. Without visiting the bank branch or bank ATM, people can easily make the payment for their credit cards. Even they can transfer the money from the Citibank account.

  • Internet Banking

If you have access to online banking via Citibank linked account, you can sign in to the same and check your credit card bill. In addition, you can also check the due date and amount that you have to pay. For any credit card transactions, you can easily check it via your account. The credit card payment that you make via your Citibank linked account shows effect within one business day. You can get this service if you are a registered customer with the bank. You can log in to the internet banking service with the help of login credentials that the bank has provided.

  • Mobile Banking

For using mobile banking, you have to download the mobile application and install it. You are ready to use it and log in to the mobile banking application. You should have a stable internet connection in the mobile that shall help to access the mobile application. In this way, the payment can be done within few minutes. One of the advantages of using this application is that you can access the mobile banking irrespective of time and place. For the credit card payment, it only takes one single working day to show the payment reduction in your bank account.

  • Debit Instructions

Standing instruction can be set with linked Citibank for an auto-debit process for payment of credit card bill. Either a minimum amount or full amount can be set from the account. This is done automatically as per given instructions, and you will receive notification from the bank after the reduction takes place.

How to Make Citibank Credit Card Bill by Using Different Bank Accounts?

To make credit card bills of Citibank, you can pay it using other bank cards as well. There are several options to make payments using a non-Citibank account.

  1. E-pay – This is an online portal provided by Citibank bank through which people can make credit card payment by using their non-Citibank bank accounts. Along with credit card details, payment details, you have to enter the other bank’s details.
  2. NEFT – Here, you only have to add a credit card number as the payee account number. The money is credited during working hours instantly.
  3. RTGS – For clearing large outstanding dues, this method is the best option. The minimum amount to be transferred via this method.
  4. Non-Citibank bank’s webpage – You only have to log in to the online portal of your bank and provide Citibank credit card details to complete the payment.
  5. Electronic Clearance system or ECS – This is similar to an auto debit method. This is activated by submitting the form in a concerned bank branch. You can decide on the total amount, fixed amount, or minimum amount to be paid.

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