How to close ICICI Bank Account? (Detailed)

ICICI Bank is a well-known private bank in India. This bank is known for its superclass banking service. Most people usually want to operate with this bank due to its best-in-class banking services. For instance, this bank is providing a wide range of credit cards and online banking services to its customers.

But, someone rarely opts for account closure. This could be due to many reasons. ICICI Bank accounts generally require maintaining minimum balance in its account. If one fails to maintain the required balance, then the bank charges some amount.

In this article, we have added all the information for people who want to close an ICICI bank account. Let’s have a look at all the information below.

Reasons to close ICICI Bank Account?

There could be multiple reasons why one wants to close their bank account with ICICI bank. You can look at some of the common reasons below;

  • Lower rate of interest in the ICICI Bank savings account.
  • Customer Service issues.
  • Maintenance of higher minimum balance. (You need to maintain a minimum of Rs 10,000)
  • Bad relationships with staff.
  • Higher fees and maintenance charges on the account.

These are the reasons behind the ICICI Bank account closure. Anyway, let’s come to the account closure process.

How to close an ICICI Bank Account Savings Account?

You can always close your bank account with ICICI bank by following the below-given steps. Just follow every step carefully.

1. Fill up the account closure form

To disable the ICICI bank account, you need to download the account closure form from the bank website. You can download it directly from this link

2. Attach KYC documents

You also have to attach all the KYC documents such as aadhar card and pan card alongside the account closure form to complete your account closing request.

3. Surrender ICICI Bank belongings to the bank

Apart from attaching KYC documents, you also have to return all the bank belongings such as debit cards, credit cards, cheque books, passbooks to the bank. You can submit it to the bank executive.

4. Withdraw money

Remember, before closing your bank account. Just make sure to withdraw all the available money from your ICICI bank account. You can always withdraw money using your ATM card or ICICI bank internet banking

Just transfer the amount to any other bank account. After that, complete the account closure process.

Note: It will take a minimum of 10 days to close the ICICI bank account. Thus, one needs to have patience.

Bottom line

ICICI Bank is one of the best private banks in India. We know about all the services and financial features the bank offers to its customers. But, there could be multiple reasons behind account closure.

The reason we have added this article is for our readers. They can easily follow all the mentioned steps in this article to close the ICICI bank account.

Apart from this, if there is anything else to ask us regarding this article? You can ask us in the comments section.

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