mAadhaar App – How to Download and Services

We are living in a digital era, and nowadays, fear of losing real documents is more dangerous than anything. That is the reason, the unique identification of India has launched mAadhaar App for android smartphone users. It is so that they can access their aadhar card virtually via their smartphone only.

This application is something that can even use to identify check for several procedures. It is because the 12 digit aadhar card number is visible in the application. You can also take out a screenshot for having a copy of aadhar card in your pocket. In this article, I have added all of the services which are accessible via using this application.

How to Download mAadhaar App?

There are many different benefits of having mAadhar applications on your smartphone. Apart from having virtual aadhar access, you can even do more. I will tell some of the features of this application later upon in this article. Let’s check out the download and installation process first.

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Note: This application is currently available to android smartphone users only. Thus, I am adding the downloading steps for Android smartphone users only.



  • First, you need to open the Google Play store on your smartphone.
  • Then, search for mAadhar in the search bar.
  • The list of applications will come to the screen. You only need to download that application, which has been developed by the Unique Identification Authority of India.
  • Download the application and wait for the installation.
  • That’s it.


There are many benefits of using mAadhar as a virtual document application on your smartphone. It is secure, handy, and, most importantly, that no one can access it without having your fingertip.

You have to register your mobile.

This could be one of the requirements of this application. It is that your mobile number should be linked with your aadhar card to use this application.

It would be best if you had OTP/TOTP every time.

It is one of the secure applications made by the unique identification authority of India. Therefore, you need to enter OTP or TOTP every time you are opening this application. Generally, this is for security purposes only.

You can add up to 3 aadhar cards.

Do you know the best thing about this application? Yes, you can add up to three aadhar cards in this application. It means the family members aadhar cards can also be added to this application.

You can use it complete eKYC procedures.

The mAadhaar app can also be used to complete eKYC procedures. Therefore, It could be a perfect application for the show owners as well.

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You can lock or unlock using biometric data.

As I have mentioned earlier that it is one of the secure application created by UIDAI. Therefore, you can also set up your biometrics data for unlocking this application.


mAadhar application is mainly created for the convenience for the people. However, while adding up the comfort in your smartphone, do not forget to block the sim card when you lost your phone as it would have some confidential data. In this article, I have added the downloading process of mAadhar application and also the services. If there is anything else left to ask, then you can ask us in the comments section.

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