SBI HRMS Login and Registration – How to Use MYHRMS App?

HRMS also known as Human Resource Management Solutions is a portal which can be used by all the employees of the company to avail all human resource services. This is a part of intranet portal, of all company. These human resource services include everything from checking salary details of an employee to filing in about all the details of their investment. State Bank of India, one of the premier government banks of the country has this internet portal facility as well which is called SBI human resource management solutions or SBI HRMS. Here you are told all details about this HRMS policy of SBI. Check SBI HRMS Login Steps below.

Who can be the User of SBI HRMS Portal?

The SBI HRMS portal is only available to the employees of State Bank of India. It is only they who can avail all these services through the bank portal. However, what should be noted is that, this bank the portal can also be accessed by the ex-employees of the State Bank of India who have already retired from the bank services. The portal is therefore not available for the customers of the bank as it is essentially an internal portal, though; SBI Employees can always and at any time avail the banking facility with help of this portal. In 2017, when 5 other banks merged together with State Bank of India. It was then possible for the employees of those other 5 banks to access SBI HRMS portal as well to view their bank details which are relevant to them.

What Services are Offer through SBI HRMS?


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SBI continuously endeavors to improve their SBI HRMS Portal as this also increases the employee satisfaction. Also, this improvement automates the entire process and makes it easy for their employee to get the details they want without any kind of manual intervention from the HR executive. There are many kinds of services which you could avail from HRMS which are as follows:

  • With the help of your SBI HRMS Portal you can check on to your Salary Slip.
  • You can also check your Pension Slip, if you are a retired person, using this portal.
  • You can check the status of the active and closed loans, if you have applied for loans with SBI through this HRMS Portal.
  • This SBI portal has the List of Bank Holidays so it will help you to plan your holidays in advance.
  • Apart from all these, you can check account balance, check transactions, download account statement or order a cheque book with help of this amazing HR Portal.
  • Lastly, the portal also offers you a special service that helps you to nominate someone for your Provident Fund Account. This nomination data will directly be synced with your UAN.

How to Get your User ID and Password for the Portal?

The password for your HRMS Portal will be provided to you by the bank itself; in case you have not received yours then you need to contact the Human Resource as it is only they who will be able to help you in getting your password for SBI HRMS Portal. Once you have the password, you will be free to use this portal whenever you feel like.

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How to Log in to your SBI HRMS Portal?

If you are using your SBI portal for the first time, then here are the steps to SBI HRMS Login for you to do it:

  • The first step for you is to visit the SBI HRMS Portal. Log on to
  • You will reach their home page, which is also the log in page. Enter your User ID and password, both of which you know previously. Then Click on the Log On button and access the HRMS portal.
  • You will then reach the dashboard of the HRMS Portal, from where you can check or follow any activity you want to. If you are unable to recall your password for the HRMS portal, you can click on the reset button.
  • You should remember to log off every time you log in to your account.

Conclusion: This article was all about the details you need to know about SBI HRMS Portal and so now you will be able to login to your portal in the SBI HRMS and then you can utilize various services which the bank offers through the HRMS Portal.In case you are facing any issue with the portal then you can always contact the Local HR of your bank branch for all the details. Finally, you should not share your login details with anyone else other than yourself or your family member, for any kind of leak might pose as a major risk for the security of the bank and the data.

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