IndusInd Bank Credit Card Status – How to Track CC Application?

If you think that applying for the credit card is one of the most hassle-filled work, then you should try the Induslnd bank. The bank is providing less time consuming and fast options in a credit card so the people can enjoy having cards by which they can full fill their needs.

For applying for credit cards online, there are few things that you must be aware of. The first one of the most important things that you need to follow is to know steps that are crucial The bank is providing lots of services in credit card which only beneficial when it meets with your requirement. Before you choose, also check the eligibility and see if you fit in or not. Apart from that here is how you can apply for the credit card on Induslnd bank

  • Online Applying Option:

The most useful option which is also extremely easy to follow is an online option. it’s like also, Induslnd bank has their own portal where they avail of all their services to the customers. Once you visit there, you have to fill information, such as:

  •     Name
  •    What’s your income
  •    Employment-related stuff
  •    Documents that are asked

Submitting these all-important points and documents related to your application, you will get a number which can be used for tracking their credit card status online.

  • Offline Applying Option:

Similar to other names, here you have to visit the nearest bank you have. There you will get an application to fill with all the needed information for verifying. However, it takes around 15 days for processing the application. When the process is done you can also get if it’s rejected or accepted or on hold.

IndusInd bank credit card

About IndusInd Bank:

Induslnd Bank is considered as a new generation bank, it was established in 1994.  It is working and providing services which include commercial, electronically and transport products. The bank was firstly inaugurated by the Manmohan Singh which was also a union mister at that time in the year 1994, April.

However, Apart from that, It also provides the easiest options in credit card which can suit different requirements easy and simple.

Types of IndusInd Bank Credit Cards:

Induslnd Bank is availing a huge range of credit cards based on the requirements and needs that people do have. There are lots of options where the customer is free to choose whatever they like also makes sure it matched with the eligibility criteria so they don’t face any hassle later.

  •    IndusInd Bank Signature Credit Card
  •    IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Card
  •    IndusInd Bank Chelsea FC Credit Card
  •    IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card
  •    IndusInd Bank Iconia Credit Card
  •    IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card
  •    IndusInd Bank Worldmiles Credit Card
  •    Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Credit Card
  •    Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Odyssey Credit Card
  •    IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit Card
  •    IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card

How to Check IndusInd Bank Credit Card Application Status Online/Offline?

For those how to believe that checking status of your credit card application is the hectic thing to do, Induslnd Bank is providing the easier solution for your all worries. Not just the options are easy to understand but also simple to follow. Here are the ways by which you can know the application status for your credit card in Induslnd Bank.

Check your status of credit card application online:-

Induslnd bank is offering the simplest procedure in online checking for application, especially for those who want to save time and energy: Here is how you can do that –

  1.    Induslnd Bank launched its official site to provide better access  to their clients, Go to the website
  2.    There will be a section where you will get credit card option
  3.    After clicking the option, the form will open with few questions that you have to fill
  4.    Fill in your details like your number of the registered phone, application number, and date of birth
  5.    Once you are done with filling all details, submit the form
  6.    The form will accept and you will get the page of status for your credit card

Check your status of credit card application offline:-

There are lots of chances where the access to the internet is not possible. Also, there are some people who don’t get the concept of online checking properly. In both cases, you can get the status of your application number. However, follow these steps:

  1.    For improving the experience the bank has its customer care number where you can contact
  2.    If not, find the bank which is located nearest and visits the bank
  3.    Keep the information handy
  4.    The executive of customer care or the bank will guide you for further process
  5.    Once you are verified, you can ask for the status.

What are the Other Options?

Their options are not just yet limited apart from online and offline, there are few more options that you need to consider for checking the status of the credit card applications. Such as

# Mobile number:  Your mobile number can help you in getting the status. But make sure that you are using a number which you mentioned in the application. The bank only accepts the numbers which are verified by them.  Do the same procedures as before, visit the site and get the credit card page open. Once you land on that page, fill the number you have. Their verification process will take time as you have to feed OTP as well for completing the process.

# Air Waybill number:  Induslnd bank sends a letter to the customer once their application proceeds and ready to ship. The letter has details regarding what are their shipping number and other information. For tracking the card, you can use the number. Just visit the site and go to the track your credit card option.

# Date of birth:  The bank allows you to use your date of birth or mobile number for tracking the credit card applications status.  For an easy process, there is an official application launched by the bank. Download it and register yourself with the help of Date of birth.  Also, you can visit the site and repeat the process but this time use your date of birth instead of a phone number

IndusInd Credit Card Login Procedure:

Induslnd bank is making sure that the processes which are required are easy and simple to flow.  However for registering yourself and your account, here are few steps that you need to know:

  • Visits the website first
  • Next, select the option for  registered your credit online
  • If you are done with them you can also follow information which includes  
  1. The number of your credit card
  2. The verification number that you have  which includes 3 or 4 digits of the number
  3. The expiry date of the card
  4. Date of birth
  • After covering the steps, select the submit option
  • Once your application on the process, you will get an Ottp on your phone
  • Feed OTTP to the form
  • Also, you can create  login and transaction password for further process
  • When everything is done it means you learn at the end.

IndusInd Credit Card Online Payment:

Get the online as well as the offline option for paying your bills, there are few basic options that you will get. Here are top options that can help you or use in paying your credit card payments. Well, Induslnd bank is providing the same produced that you need to follow for making the payment for credit cards

Well, first you can choose net banking option if you find it easy for doing the payments. But for that, you have to log in the net banking option. Once you successfully log in yourself go to the credit card options and choose the credit card payment to pay through a savings account.

Lots of people forget to pay their bills due to the chaotic schedule. If you are going through the same situation and you want something which can help in doing the payment stuff on their own then you should go with Autopay option.

Not just that, ATM fund transfers are also an easy option and you can also get easy access whenever you want. There is lots of ATM that you can find which open and providing services 24 * 7 are. It’s a hassle-free and most easily available option for doing the payments in urgent matters.


The bank was established in the year 1994, Mumbai. Well since then they are helping people to get the best services so they can enjoy the ownership feeling of having a credit card. Also, they are improving the standards in order to provide the simpler easiest and shortest options to the customers. Not just in a credit card but also now you can check the status whenever you like.  

The bank is known for its new generation abilities which make this bank perfect for someone who is looking for something really great and easy.  Also, the services are easily available so you can track the statue services you want.

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